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The 3 Pound Burger Challenge


so i just moved cities for my new job. last week i went out with a co-worker and some of her friends and i ended up hitting it off with one of them. then i find out she's a waitress at a restaurant that has a life size x-wing out front(i'm a big star wars fan). next i learn that if you eat their entire 3 pound burger (i think it's 3 pounds of meat, not sure though) you can have your picture taken and put on the wall.

So now my goal for the summer is to eat that burger, get my picture with the x-wing, and get the girl. I vow to try every satuday at 5 pm until it is complete(i'm on the AD so it sorta works in nicely...not really but i dont care.)

also, does anyone have any tips for eating that much food in one sitting. she mentioned getting it cooked medium rare so it's easier to chew. i was thinking about lifting before hand so my appetite is larger. any advice?


Use the Force!


Squat the night before... do some complexs till your about to pass out about 2 hours before.

Eat slow, chew everything into a mush. Dont drink anything and make sure not to eat air with your bites...

Thats all I can think off.



Reminds me of this place, saw it the other day on some news show:


Anyone over 350 lbs gets to eat for free. Their BUNS are fried in lard. BUNS! Look at the quadruple bypass burger. It's 8000 calories!


Pffff thats no big deal, 3 pounds whatevs.

Here in Montreal we have a restaurant called "Le Milsa" (http://www.lemilsa.com/) and it's all you can eat meat fresh from the this Brazilian type of rotisserie. The have pork roasts, roast beef, chicken, turkey wrapped with bacon, filet mignon, sausage, lamb, sirloin, etc. These guys come around with the meat on a spit and then shave off as much as you like right at your table. It's only $30 CAD. All you can eat salad, sweet potatoes, and these awesome mushrooms too.

I brought my food scale once for shits and giggles, polished off 1.7 kg of various types of meat.

If anyone comes to Montreal it's a must do.



there is a place by my house that serves a 7lb burger. 45 bucks, if you finish it, with all the fixins and fries, its free..

its about the diameter of a medium pizza..

scroll down:



Be careful...I tried the 3 lber at Denny's Beer Barrel Shit House...it tasted horrible...I can eat 6 MacDonald's 1/4er lbers no prob...but those fuckers made meat loaf out of the burger and put on a whole raw onion....fuck the quantity...be sure of the quality...

I just ate 3 lbs of pork picnic roast...it ain't the weight, but how those rednecks cook it...

Post pics of the girl or you're a lying fag.


I would bring an entire box of charcoal for the indigestion that awaits you.


Do those chicks honestly serve you?

I would be fat and broke so fast. Those girls are blazin and the burgers look good too.


3 pounds? thats pretty weak.

you should see Rocky's big ass. He only cooks 3 pound burgers.


Don't eat any red meat for about a week and eat very light for a couple of days before you plan to eat the burger.

Of course, you'll probably have some serious gas afterwards......


Yea I would warn anyone who is planning to be near you after.


Leg training... then swim until you cant move. Then u'll be ablo to eat it, or maybe 2 of them.


MMF just before


3 lbs huh? Sounds like a hell of a good burger to me. I think u will manage.


Swim laps before hand, nothing in this world makes me hungrier then swimming.

well, one thing.


i knew if any place would have good advice on eating big it'd be T-Nation. i think i'll move legs to friday and swim just before on sat. the chewing slow and no liquids was good advice too. i think i can handle the food. i just hope the girl doesnt see my gut afterwards and run away lol.

some of these big meals people were talking about sound awesome. i was watching extreme eats on tv the other day and it got me pumped for this burger


If you end up near the end and think you can't eat anymore, just drink some mineral water, burp and finish the sucker.


doing legs the day before or the day of is definitely a good move, but i think eating slow will probably backfire on you b/c your body's satiety signals take some time to kick in (about 20 min) so in that window before they do you can just go to town and scarf that fucker. also, i cant believe no one's said it yet, but if i were you id smoke a nice fat cone beforehand (although that comes down to personal preference i spose...)


I disagree with no liquids. Anyone trying to choke down three pounds of meat, bun and all the trimmings without sipping on some water from time to time is destined to fail. Just don't be stupid and guzzle 32 oz of soda beforehand, sip some water and you'll be fine.

Take some caffeine on an empty stomach about three hours before and you'll finish it, by god.