The 3/4/5/6 Fitness Challenge

Tl:dr Bench 300, squat 400, deadlift 500, and run a sub 6:00 mile in the same day.

Hear me out. I’ve been out of the game for a while, but have used quarantine to get back into a routine. Work, kids, etc. has made it hard to maintain a workout schedule. Mornings and evenings simply don’t work for me anymore. For a long time I have wanted to work out late morning but an irregular work schedule has never allowed sufficient time for a workout, shower, and lunch. Now that nobody cares whether I’ve showered or not before a 1:00 video conference I’ve finally been able to get on a schedule. I’m a month in so I’m officially calling it a habit.

To the point, I’m 36 and realize that PR’s in weightlifting may very well be a thing of the past, so I’ve come up with a different challenge. 3/4/5 is probably familiar to most. It’s a 300lb bench press, 400lb squat, and 500lb deadlift. The ‘6’ is my first spin. It is for a sub 6:00 mile run.

This past week I benched 185 for 3 sets of 10, squatted 275x5 today, did 315 for 5 quick singles on deadlift last Friday, and ran an 8:03 mile on a trail.

The squat and deadlift will be the easiest for me. I could do more today but am easing into it as I lack flexibility and want to avoid even the minorest of injuries.

The next catch is that I plan to do this all in the same day.

My stats:
5’10 208lbs this morning
Best lifts 12-14 years ago are a 315 bench, 455x3 squat, and 575x2 dead. Ran a 5:04 mile once upon a time, but never tried them all in the same day.

Anyone else want to join me in the 3/4/5/6 challenge?

How about this for a 3/4/5/6/7 challenge?

300 Press
400 Bench
500 Squat
600 Deadlift

Run a mile in less than 7 minutes.

Less cardio and more strength.