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The 225 Military Press Quest


because the military press is almost, almost,. almost as cool as the bench press
and 225 is a good goal to start with

some rules
1. must be while standing
2. must be a strict press


I'm in! PR is 185x1 atm


my best is 185x3


I'll take a whirl my best is 205 @ 181 lbs.


Best is 195x3. Military is so badass, I should be training it more..


I did 185x3 on the push press. Does seated shoulder press count? Because likely to get 225 much earlier on seated press than standing press.


Touching the chest at the bottom of the rep as well?


I'm in. My best is 120 and I'm gonna beat all of you!


depends of your tecnique i always star with the bar at chin height

i do my shoulder presses like this guy, feels confortable that way


I got a 260lb strict press about two days ago. It's much more fun than the bench press and feels way more natural.


What the hell, cats in the background?!


Lol! Thats what I was thinking. I guess I could pretend that you are caveman like and those are just ancient drawings/pictographs.


im in, best 80kg x3, 85kg x1 (while ago)


Can I make it a race to 275 for me? Been chasing that for almost a year...

Here is my PR: 260 from last May:


A few of us old bastards in the over 35 forum have been racing too 300 since last July. Your welcome to join in.


I split jerk my bodyweight (135lbs) for about 5 haha. can i get in on this?


I'll be in too !

Though I tend to do them from resting on my traps and up.

My wrists hurt like hell trying to push from the front up - not flexible enough !


Not to be a bitch, but shouldn't a strict MP be from the shoulders ? Just wonder what you guys think.


i lock my lats and upper back together, which naturally puts the bar at chin level, so...whatevar


I go from chin also