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The 2 Year Bulk


I guess it's time...am I HOT?

My story is that I went from 131 lbs to 178 lbs in the course of about 2 years. I lifted previously in High School then did not lift for about 14 years. My first 20 lbs came fast, then the old rate of diminishing returns kicked in over the rest of the bulk.

I'm now 37, 5'6.5" and sit at about 165 after cutting down from the bulk.

I ate about 4,000 cals a day and made sure I eat at least 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per my weight throughout. I did not watch carbs and fat, so I put on a little extra fat than I needed, but I got rid of that quickly.

I went with a 2 day split 4x8 with a focus on compound lifts, save squats and deadlifts. I have a back issue that I can't squat or deadlift without injuring myself.

I've provided a picture of my upper body progression from before lifting to the top of my bulk late 2006. I've been in maintenance mode for the last 6 months.

I'll add some others for better overall.

Those who wish to comment on how gay you think I am need not apply.






Looks like I can't add a pic on an edit...MM Pose


178 to 165 after cut.


Good job, man. Keep at it.



Major improvements in the top 3 pics. The 2nd to 3rd pic looks like it was the diminishing returns phase but still a very noticable difference. It only seems like diminishing returns because you see yourself in the mirror daily.

Good work on the cut too.

So where to from here?


Where to from here? I don't know.

Honestly I've added more muscle than I originally intended. You know it becomes an obsession. I've been able to be satisfied with what I've done given my limitations.

Hell...the guys have another football game I'm invited to play in about 3 weeks and I may do that...get injured again and spend a few weeks on my back. My back is toast, but I LOVE football. I'll probably just coach as I'm the oldest on the team and not the best at anything really. I'm a 5' nothin' and a hundred and nothin' and a hundred years old too.

I'll be eating and lifting to maintain and add slowly over the next few years. I'm not as obsessive about size anymore. I'm going for asthetics now.


Great job.


man, i never really thought about it much before, but in the last pic (double shot where you cut down) you can really see the difference in how much better your shoulders stand out being a bit leaner


Yes it makes a big difference changing from a bulk slug to a leaner body. Check out the gut I had when I was close to 180. I always had a full belly and I could never really suck in my stomach at all while bulking.

I never saw my bicep veins or my lower abs until I cut way down. It feels bad to lose 10-15 lbs on the scale weight, but it does LOOK much better if you have a base to show.


if you have a base to show is a great point btw

-you didnt completely lose your abs though (i think thats a indication your still in range-aka not too far into your bulk-but hey what do i know, i've always been skinny so far)


It's amazing how much your arms changed from the first pic, it's like you went from me to tank, nice nice :slightly_smiling:


Nice progress.

How did you set up your training in order to work around your injuries? What lower body exercises did you rely on?


Try using a hip-belt, reverse hyper or, in the worst case, leg press and start putting more weight on your lower body.

You need to address the back issue.


LOL...I've been living with it for 16 years bro...I have a reptured L5. Notice how the nucleus of the disc has escaped the disc itself and pushes on major nerves.

I do legs with light spinal loads with lunges, lunges, lunges. This way I can max out a single leg with under 200 lbs.

And reverse hypers are a BIG BIG BIG no no for me. It ABSOLUTELY reinjures me without fail. I always recommend people stay away from this, bent over rows, deadlift and heavy squats.


Rockscar, If you threw in a bit more leg development, shoulder development, and from what it seems.. a bit more width on your back, and then cut down to the leanness you have now, you'd be carrying a pretty indidating physique. I still can't believe you're only 165lb.


why is his being 165 lbs hard to believe?


i don't see it


^Because its the illusion of the picture. I know people his height and when I think about it, its kind of short so I could imagine how he could be so light. When you see muscle, weight comes to mind.