The 1st Wind

Ive always been one of those people that has a tough time until I get my first wind.
Whenever I start any type of hard physical activity(Ill use grappling as an example),
the first 2 minutes or so can be brutal cardio wise. Once my body gets going, I can cruise pretty well, but Im interested in this first wind situation.

What exactly causes it and what can be done, if anything to mitigate it? A training partner of mine who was a very high level wrestler had the same problem and he used to run sprints right before a match to try and get his cardiovascular system humming. Actually, I would be interested in seriously cutting down my time to the first wind, even without a protracted intense warmup(simply because you often dont know exactly when you will have to start going hard - particularly important for law enforcement and military who might find themselves in a fight at a moments notice).

Any info/articles would be greatly appreciated.

Well you’ve gotta get your heart pumping which is why I would do a warm up when you can. However if you wanted to try and be ready all day I suppose one thing you could do would be to do some dynamic stretches the moment you get your ass outta bed. Should keep you loose for most of the day, however if your a law enforcement fellow I imagine if a chase was to begin the Adrenaline would get you going pretty damn fast, and would be probably be more efficient than a warm up in the situation.