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The 1st Random T-Nation SAT Test


In honor of school starting in about a month, here is the first T-Nation SAT test.

  1. If your're not an experienced lifter or a professional athlete, should you do (a)westside, (b)5*5, (c)German volume training (d)modify the above routines due to your expertise or (e)eat right and just lift weights?

  2. People who leave the weights on the bar after working out are (a)morons, (b)lazy fucks, (c)trying to impress their moms when they come pick them up, or (d) all of the above.

  3. If you're a professional athlete who just ruined your Hall of Fame career by testing positive, do you say...(a)I don't know how that got in my body, (b)Sammy Sosa told me to pull down my pants and bend over for a prick(I thought it was a little small), (c)I followed the instructions on the Whizzinator or (d)I was trying to get rid of that 4 hour erection from my Viagra?

Question 4 is based on the Jessica Simpson "These Boots" video. If Nick Lachey divorces her, he's gay. true/false.

Question 5 Essay question. Shakira is hotter than Beyonce. Explain your position for or against. Photos will be appreciated.

Bonus Question. How do you get the smell of cat urine out of my couch?

Good luck T-Scholars.


She may be hot, but remember this:

"No matter how hot a girl is; some guy, somewhere, is tired of banging her."


Please look at the Austin Powers she is in. Slow it down at the scene where she pops her fro out and tell me if there is any way she can be considered anything but a fat cow



  1. b. 5x5
  2. e. do you care because you're puny?
  3. e. kill everybody who knows about it.
  4. false. he's gay if he fux guys.
  5. they're both equally hot.
  6. get a dog to piss on your couch.


Actually, I prefer;

"No matter how hot a girl is, remember, she used to be someone elses pain in the ass.."


Number 1 could darn well be everything but modify the routines. But the safest would be a 5*5 plan.

The cat urine thing: Throwing out the couch will get rid of the smell. Of course, you'll need a new couch. I kid you not, I don't think there is anything in existence that will get rid of cat urine odor.


Beyonce is a "fat cow" to you? Needless to say, your taste in women sucks ass.