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The 18 Year Old Phenomenon


This kid is a beast just look at his 14 month progress-he claims completely natural at 16- 17- bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/SurferStyle/ -pics in their-

Also did I mention he dls 715 for 5? forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=5010963 -pics-

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo7vXn5a_AA -video-

Here is his workout plan here - www.sixpacknow.com/ash.html-

Obviously Great genetics, yet is this really possible progress with absolutely no roids?-omg debate-


oops he might be 17 even crazier!


He said he was 18 in his thread on Bodybuilding.com

EDIT: its so unusual to see I dont know what to think, origionaly I thought the 100lb plates werent realy 100. Or he actualy did take steroids and just didnt say so. Either way its so unusual my first thought is there is something bull shitish about it.

There are pictures of him at 14 that look like he had been lifting for quite a while, if I had to guess I would say hes one of those people who have been lifting for 5+ years but only say 1 (14 months w/e) because the other 4 years they werent serious.

Respect to him tho.


I was going to respond to your post, but that god-damned GIF you use as your profile picture is so annoying that I decided to post this instead.


This was debated at length on fortified iron. The overwhelming opinion was that it's bullshit.

He only pulled 500ish for one last year I think. And if they are 100lb plates on the inside then they must be the thinnest ones in existence because I've never seen ones that skinny before.

Great physique tho.


I had to create a screen name just to respond to this.

I own an official Ivanko PLing set and the 50 kg plates are that thick. They barely have a lip. Nothing that old to my knowledge is that thin. Most 100 lbs plates are 1.5x that thick, at least ones I've used.

I can post pictures of the 50kg plates w/ a tape measure if anyone is interested.

He also looks older than 18. I don't believe the age. If he is, his "look" appears to be from some supplement you can't get over the counter, wink wink. I knew guys in high school who looked like that, and they were all on roids.

He's very skinny to pull 715x5 @ 230. Granted, his physique is impressive, no doubt. His 500 is more than realistic, but 715x5? How many people his age do that who are under 275?


I think its bullshit also, just wanting to know more of WHY exactly its bullshit. To me it just doesn't seem possible really, especially the dl-also lighting is very fishy, not to mention his face looks much older-


I live about 30 minutes from him...I offered to go to his gym, count the weights, and record it. He never responded. Either he doesn't care whether people believe him (I'd have to question why someone who doesn't care is putting videos and pics all over the internet), or he can't do it.

All I know is I watched the strongman competition for a few minutes, and those guys struggled to get 4 with 700 lbs...so I dunno what to make of it.


the 100lb plates don't look real. They look more like the old thick rim 45's.

On the first rep he does this little shrug/hip thrust thing. There's no was you'd do that with 700+ lb.

He only pulled in the region of 500 a year ago.

He's 18, weighs 230lb and pulls a max of around 780-800 (presumably).

I can't see one thing on this vid to make me believe it's real. He goes to the effort of putting on the outer plates for us all to see, but doesn't go near the "100's" hmmm... now why would he do that?


I also have to call bullshit on this one. The 100lb plates are not thick enough. Even a 50kg metal plate will be thicker that the inside plates.
The age issue, that I don't know. Some kids these days look like grown ass men so he very well could be 17.
As Hanley mentioned he was pulling 500 a year ago. A 300lbs jump in deadlift strength is not likely even with the help of AAS.
The kid has a good frame but appears to lack the thickness in the legs to be an outstanding deadlifts. Because if this vid was real he would truly be close to the top.
Also the fact that deapee offered to count and record his lift and got ne response speaks volumes. If he cares enough to post his training vid on the internet then he would love to prove it to a fellow powerlifter.
Or maybe I'm just hatin.


sorry, but I can't see that being 715. On the other hand I can see him being 17-18. If those aren't 100's and really 45's, then its only, what 495? Thats not impossible at that age and weight.


I'm uber confused man can you point me to the bodybuilding thread that connects the two?

The guy that is "SurfStyle" look entirely different (that may be from transformation" but his face even doesn't resemble the "715'er"?

Am i going crazy? i just didn't think they were the same person...


Well thank you. I mean, it IS rather lar... Oh, you're not talking about it.

Good lifts though.


what about putting on the amount of muscle he claims he put on without steroids?


he's a teenager, he's practically got enough test to be on a mild cycle of gear anyhow. and if he ate right and enough and rested enough, yeah I'm sure he could. All I'm saying is, I highly doubt that is 715lbs. 495 makes much more sense.


In the dead lift video he claims to be 230 lbs and it was posted Oct 10th. That�??s 70 pounds of lean muscle in about a year. Oct 28th he says he weights 198 on bodybuilding.com. And we are to believe this is just newbie gains and he takes no supplements outside an occasional protein bar and certainly not steroids.

Then we are to believe this program gave him a world class, record level dead lift to boot. I checked one calculator and 715 lbs x 5 is about a 834 lbs max. (http://www.joeskopec.com/repmax.html)

�??My Workout

I workout 3 days on 1 day off, I go to the gym after school almost every day at 4pm and workout until 5:30pm or 6pm depending on how i feel that day or my homework load. My focus is to be lean and athletic but well built. To do this I do 3 weeks of muscle building and 1 week of cardio mixed with a little bit of weights.

My workout schedule changes a little because some days i just don't feel like working that body part, but i try to stick close to this.

Day 1 : Shoulders, traps, chest
Day 2: Biceps, Triceps, forearms
Day 3: Abs, Obliques
Day 4: Lower back, upper back
Day 5: Thighs
Day 6: Calves, Abs

The exercises I do for these body parts are always changing to keep my muscles confused.�??

Come on people, don�??t be so gullible. Does this look like the back of an 800 lb dead lifter.


Definitely fake. I could imagine the two inner sets of plates being 50 Kg, but there's no way that the others are. In the dozens of gyms I've been to, I've never seen 50 Kg plates that are nearly that thin... I don't believe it. Plus the bend in the bar doesn't seem extreme enough. I could believe 500+ lbs, but not 700+.


This is hilarious. In that photo he looks like a gay underwear model.

I have said it a million times but will say it again. We can be whomever we want to be on the internet.

Take a look around this site. You have guys who have never even done a full meet calling themselves powerlifters and giving advice to those who compete expecting to be taken seriously.

You have a training log on here that regularly posts numbers in the vicinity of weight handled by top teir SHW's and nobody challenges it. In fact, it is lauded.

Your average lifter completely lacks perspective on things like this and we have reached a point in time where all you have to do to join the club is post a log online, parrot what you read on elitefts.com, and throw out an occasional Louie, Wendler or Tate quote and poof, you're a powerlifter.

The bottom line is don't believe anything you read or watch on the internet.

I know a couple high 700# and two 800# pullers and can state with a ton of confidence they probably could not pull 715 for 5 in just a belt on a good day, and they certainly wouldn't make it look as easy as that kid did.

Shit like this just makes everybody look foolish.

I would think with the amount of hubris this young man demonstrates he would have no issues taking a lift like this to a meet and making it official.

Instead, if I had to guess, he offers up a lot of excuses and reasons why it isn't that important to him. Yet he posts it on the internet and draws significant attention to himself in the meantime.

Same story, different douche bag.


Post of the year.


That's not him in that picture 4 posts up, I know that for sure.

Here is his pics: