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The 1000-Rep Arm Workout


Has anyone tried this program before? What were your results?
And how long did you stick to the program?


I did like half of it once, a couple years ago. I honestly just got really bored from it. And I didn’t care enough about my arm size to finish it (not that one session would result in much, if any, growth) or continue it.

I’m going to add to this, and if anyone replies, have you also done the Hungarian Oak leg workout? I’m thinking of giving that a shot. It looks pretty brutal, but I love training my lower body much more than my upper.


Here is Paul Carter running it


Don’t forget to do Rich Piana’s 8 Hour arm workout on the weeks you aren’t doing the 1000 rep arm workout. “Gotta down 16 protein shakes each workout to confuse the Kidney’s… Right babe?”
Pro Tip: 1 Gram of Tren and 1 Gram of Test a day to maximize results. Lifespan doesn’t matter when you are going freek status.
Pro-Pro Tip: Synthol into biceps directly after each workout to see immediate results.


This isn’t helpful. Why did you post it?


For the shits n’ giggles, get a few chuckles out of someone.


Ever consider leaving that for the flamefree thread and training logs? This tends to make to signal-to-noise ratio poor on specific topics