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The 100 Items to Disappear First

Here is an interesting little list, compiled by a survivor of the civil war in former Yugoslavia.

Even for you optimistic anti-doom ‘n’ gloom types, I hope this will give you food for thought vis-à-vis any upcoming change in the socioeconomic landscape.

Without further ado, the 100 items to disappear first in an upheaval or civil war. Get yours while you can.

  1. Generators (Good ones cost dearly. Gas storage, risky. Noisy…target of thieves; maintenance etc.)
  2. Water Filters/Purifiers
  3. Portable Toilets
  4. Seasoned Firewood. Wood takes about 6 - 12 months to become dried, for home uses.
  5. Lamp Oil, Wicks, Lamps (First Choice: Buy CLEAR oil. If scarce, stockpile ANY!)
  6. Coleman Fuel. Impossible to stockpile too much.
  7. Guns, Ammunition, Pepper Spray, Knives, Clubs, Bats & Slingshots.
  8. Hand-can openers, & hand egg beaters, whisks.
  9. Honey/Syrups/white, brown sugar
  10. Rice - Beans - Wheat
  11. Vegetable Oil (for cooking) Without it food burns/must be boiled etc.,)
  12. Charcoal, Lighter Fluid (Will become scarce suddenly)
  13. Water Containers (Urgent Item to obtain.) Any size. Small: HARD CLEAR PLASTIC ONLY - note - food grade if for drinking.
  14. Mini Heater head (Propane) (Without this item, propane won’t heat a room.)
  15. Grain Grinder (Non-electric)
  16. Propane Cylinders (Urgent: Definite shortages will occur.
  17. Survival Guide Book.
  18. Mantles: Aladdin, Coleman, etc. (Without this item, longer-term lighting is difficult.)
  19. Baby Supplies: Diapers/formula. ointments/aspirin, etc.
  20. Washboards, Mop Bucket w/wringer (for Laundry)
  21. Cookstoves (Propane, Coleman & Kerosene)
  22. Vitamins
  23. Propane Cylinder Handle-Holder (Urgent: Small canister use is dangerous without this item)
  24. Feminine Hygiene/Haircare/Skin products.
  25. Thermal underwear (Tops & Bottoms)
  26. Bow saws, axes and hatchets, Wedges (also, honing oil)
  27. Aluminum Foil Reg. & Heavy Duty (Great Cooking and Barter Item)
  28. Gasoline Containers (Plastic & Metal)
  29. Garbage Bags (Impossible To Have Too Many).
  30. Toilet Paper, Kleenex, Paper Towels
  31. Milk - Powdered & Condensed (Shake Liquid every 3 to 4 months)
  32. Garden Seeds (Non-Hybrid) (A MUST)
  33. Clothes pins/line/hangers (A MUST)
  34. Coleman’s Pump Repair Kit
  35. Tuna Fish (in oil)
  36. Fire Extinguishers (or…large box of Baking Soda in every room)
  37. First aid kits
  38. Batteries (all sizes…buy furthest-out for Expiration Dates)
  39. Garlic, spices & vinegar, baking supplies
  40. Big Dogs (and plenty of dog food)
  41. Flour, yeast & salt
  42. Matches. {“Strike Anywhere” preferred.) Boxed, wooden matches will go first
  43. Writing paper/pads/pencils, solar calculators
  44. Insulated ice chests (good for keeping items from freezing in Wintertime.)
  45. Workboots, belts, Levis & durable shirts
  46. Flashlights/LIGHTSTICKS & torches, “No. 76 Dietz” Lanterns
  47. Journals, Diaries & Scrapbooks (jot down ideas, feelings, experience; Historic Times)
  48. Garbage cans Plastic (great for storage, water, transporting - if with wheels)
  49. Men’s Hygiene: Shampoo, Toothbrush/paste, Mouthwash/floss, nail clippers, etc
  50. Cast iron cookware (sturdy, efficient)
  51. Fishing supplies/tools
  52. Mosquito coils/repellent, sprays/creams
  53. Duct Tape
  54. Tarps/stakes/twine/nails/rope/spikes
  55. Candles
  56. Laundry Detergent (liquid)
  57. Backpacks, Duffel Bags
  58. Garden tools & supplies
  59. Scissors, fabrics & sewing supplies
  60. Canned Fruits, Veggies, Soups, stews, etc.
  61. Bleach (plain, NOT scented: 4 to 6% sodium hypochlorite)
  62. Canning supplies, (Jars/lids/wax)
  63. Knives & Sharpening tools: files, stones, steel
  64. Bicycles…Tires/tubes/pumps/chains, etc
  65. Sleeping Bags & blankets/pillows/mats
  66. Carbon Monoxide Alarm (battery powered)
  67. Board Games, Cards, Dice
  68. d-con Rat poison, MOUSE PRUFE II, Roach Killer
  69. Mousetraps, Ant traps & cockroach magnets
  70. Paper plates/cups/utensils (stock up, folks)
  71. Baby wipes, oils, waterless & Antibacterial soap (saves a lot of water)
  72. Rain gear, rubberized boots, etc.
  73. Shaving supplies (razors & creams, talc, after shave)
  74. Hand pumps & siphons (for water and for fuels)
  75. Soysauce, vinegar, bullions/gravy/soupbase
  76. Reading glasses
  77. Chocolate/Cocoa/Tang/Punch (water enhancers)
  78. “Survival-in-a-Can”
  79. Woolen clothing, scarves/ear-muffs/mittens
  80. Boy Scout Handbook, / also Leaders Catalog
  81. Roll-on Window Insulation Kit (MANCO)
  82. Graham crackers, saltines, pretzels, Trail mix/Jerky
  83. Popcorn, Peanut Butter, Nuts
  84. Socks, Underwear, T-shirts, etc. (extras)
  85. Lumber (all types)
  86. Wagons & carts (for transport to and from)
  87. Cots & Inflatable mattress’s
  88. Gloves: Work/warming/gardening, etc.
  89. Lantern Hangers
  90. Screen Patches, glue, nails, screws, nuts & bolts
  91. Teas
  92. Coffee
  93. Cigarettes
  94. Wine/Liquors (for bribes, medicinal, etc,)
  95. Paraffin wax
  96. Glue, nails, nuts, bolts, screws, etc.
  97. Chewing gum/candies
  98. Atomizers (for cooling/bathing)
  99. Hats & cotton neckerchiefs
  100. Goats/chickens

Miscellaneous notes:

Experiencing horrible things that can happen in a war - death of parents and
friends, hunger and malnutrition, endless freezing cold, fear, sniper attacks.

  1. Stockpiling helps, but you never know how long trouble will last, so locate near renewable food sources.
  2. Living near a well with a manual pump is like being in Eden.
  3. After awhile, even gold can lose its luster. But there is no luxury in war quite like toilet paper. Its surplus value is greater than gold’s.
  4. If you had to go without one utility, lose electricity - it’s the easiest to do without (unless you’re in a very nice climate with no need for heat.)
  5. Canned foods are awesome, especially if their contents are tasty without heating. One of the best things to stockpile is canned gravy - it makes a lot of the dry unappetizing things you find to eat in war somewhat edible. Only needs enough heat to “warm”, not to cook. It’s cheap too, especially if you buy it in bulk.
  6. Bring some books - escapist ones like romance or mysteries become more valuable as the war continues. Sure, it’s great to have a lot of survival guides, but you’ll figure most of that out on your own anyway - trust me, you’ll have a lot of time on your hands.
  7. The feeling that you’re human can fade pretty fast. I can’t tell you how many people I knew who would have traded a much needed meal for just a little bit of toothpaste, rouge, soap or cologne. Not much point in fighting if you have to lose your humanity. These things are morale-builders like nothing else.
  8. Slow burning candles and matches, matches, matches

Yikes. I wouldn’t survive.

On a slightly more serious and relevant note: How to prepare a “bug-out-bag” for yourself in case of a zombie apocalypse! : http://zombiehunters.org/downloads/flyer/ZS_BOB.pdf

Check, have most of those items but shit paper is overrated in my thoughts but do agree that gravy makes anything go down.

You have a link on that Varq?


Good post V.


[quote]Mikeyali wrote:
You have a link on that Varq?


Yup. Here you go.


If a change like that occurs, the first thing to go will be Obama’s head.

[quote]pittbulll wrote:

Shaking in my boots, really.

A tornado watch doesn’t mean that a tornado is coming, or even likely. It just means that conditions are ripe for one occurring. I think one could rightly say that the U.S. should be under a “Massive Civil Unrest” watch.

A growing divide between our two Americas had been merely a curiosity until the Left recently decided that it no longer intends to even pay lip service to what the Right wants. And also that the Right has no one to represent them now that the GOP has abandoned them, and no way of breaking up the two-party monopoly.

Now that divide has given rise to a dangerously unstable political climate.

The one thing that I thought would insulate the U.S. from major unrest was our quality of life. It’s just unlikely that people would risk their necks when they’re comfortable.

But we’re now entering a full-fledged depression that is being exacerbated by an extreme left-wing federal government. A lot of people are going to be losing that comfortable lifestyle if the gov’t continues to kill the economy.

I am very concerned with what would happen should a large segment of the population decide that they no longer have any voice in our government. Given the results from the last few elections, I’m afraid they just might.

Does this look like an overwhelming Obama victory to you?

Does this look like a .1% difference in favor of McCain to you?

Does this look like a nation that voted overwhelmingly for Obama to you?

It looks to me that tiny, heavily populated urban areas are pulling the vast majority of a nation down a road that it does not particularly wish to follow.

What do you think will happen when large portions of Americans feel that a gov’t (that they do not support) is making policy (that they do not agree with) that is costing them their jobs, their retirement, and their quality of life?

Finally, what do you think will happen when they feel they no longer have any options under the system as it’s set up?

If you’re not concerned, you should be.

[quote]tGunslinger wrote:

What do you think will happen when large portions of Americans feel that a gov’t (that they do not support) is making policy (that they do not agree with) that is costing them their jobs, their retirement, and their quality of life?


They’ll vote for a Democrat…

Excellent post.

Getting ready for the unforeseen is something that a number of people have been bringing up to me lately. Now I have something to show them.

Katadyn Pocket water filter should be on everyone’s buy list.

Can anyone recommend a generator for single family use?

[quote]tGunslinger wrote:
Does this look like an overwhelming Obama victory to you?[/quote]

McCain winning more counties means dick. Are you honestly this stupid?

[quote]JD430 wrote:

Can anyone recommend a generator for single family use?[/quote]

Have a look at the Honda range, good range of power outputs and well made, quiet too.

Our country can’t stop getting fat, which is something that is caused by being lazy.

You think we’re going to grab guns and shit and hold the government accountable?


I’m just going to post in this thread so I can dig it up in 4 or 5 years and laugh.

If it’s not 8 years of the left bashing the shit out of GWB, it’s going to be ( at least) 4 years of the butt-hurt right trying to insist the country will be plummeting into full-fledged civil war due to the incredible incompetence of Obama…

It’s the same stupid, vicious, totally unproductive cycle that only total idiots engage in…