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The '_____, How Do You Train?' Threads


Could one of you mods FINALLY delete them?!?!?!?!?!
I mean seriously, there's no useful info in there.
Instead you have one group of people saying how "legit" those threads are, and another group realizing for fucking stupid, unnecessary and detrimental these threads are.
On top of that, you have people who lurk the BB section looking for useful info or to give input on something, but are discouraged when they see shitty threads like that and don't come back later because they don't wanna be a part of this.

Clean the fucking forum. I'm sure mods have certain guidelines they (are supposed to) follow, but come on, those threads are garbage. Especially if they're in that section of the forum

Am I alone on this one?


This forums would do well with more aggressive modding, take a look at how they do things over at intensemuscle


I see the frustration there...but then it gets into the argument of "which to delete" and "what threads aren't people gettting ANYTHING from"?

I think these types of threads should be left to T-Cell members b/c they typically have the progress/experience/knowledge to have such a thread.




I thought the Waylander and New Damage ones were pretty good...then Stringer came along and started making them for everybody.


Here's an idea ... don't read them ... just saying. Once you've been through one or two and realize that they're being created by the same guy (or girl) use your powers of fucking reason and avoid threads created by said guy or girl ... problem fucking solved

I'm not picking on you specifically Ceasar but come the fuck on; how hard is it to ignore certain topics or users who create pointless threads? I manage to avoid em like the fucking swine flu and actually come out on the other end of the effort with MORE time on my hands than if I actually read them and got so pissed off about it I decided to plead to the mods to start regulating them. I hope they don't start regulating them.

This site is one of the last bastions of the fucking liberty and freedom left for assholes like us to go to and swear and curse and say anything we fucking want talk about lifting or anal pleasures or how much we hate that this asshole's been making threads about asking how so and so trains but there's no real information in there and yada yada yada with little worry of being censored by the mods or asked not to say certain things.


While I agree, to be fair, there's a lot more activity here than there is at IM on a consistant basis. There's a LOT of freaking posters and sub-forums here.

This forum has really gotten bad lately... especially the BB forum. It was rolling along well for a while, but then a slew of '09ers came to troll up a frenzy. It's really not that big of a deal, except other '09ers are getting riled up and actually taking them seriously. Which pisses everyone else off.

It's like a nasty circle of douchebaggery.



And I'm fully aware about the "which one's to delete?" thing. But come on. The ones posted by Stringer or w/e the fuck his username is, are fucking useless.
As I was reading HolyMac's thread I thought I'm in the SAMA section


I prefer the more relaxed modding style. The board generally evens itself out.


you posted multiple times in that thread as well you moron.


I like the call out threads.

they finally forced me to put up a picture...........

And I responded with my current pics.

Check it out.


You have a valid point. I didn't read all of them (whether you believe that or not, doesn't really matter). FOR ME the BB and S&N sections are the ones that I go to when I want serious info/input/etc. So that's why I would like them "clean" of the bs.

I agree with you that this is one of the last websites where we can talk about w/e we want, and here's the thing-we have other sections for it (read: SAMA section).
I think we're agreeing here, but I felt like I have to elaborate on my point


Lol, so???? What does that have to do with the thread looking like it belongs in the SAMA section?
Just further proves my point


but i bet you kept reading it, didn't you? you sly fox...

on the for real, i totally agree with ceasear. while i enjoy (and certainly take advantage of) that fact that we are modded in a very 'relaxed' manner, certain forums should be held to a stricter standard.

I think it's great that people can talk about all kinds of random and strange shit in GAL and SAMA, however there is a certain level of decorum that should be maintained in the other forums that many people (myself included) have strayed from.


honestly, i saved you guys. trust me, you'd much rather look at pictures of girls than hear about how i spend an hour in the gym kicking around an 80lb dumbell while drinking a yoohoo


After you posted the pix of the trick in pink....i had to =]


Not everyone in the T-Cell knows what the fuck they are doing...




you are posting multiple times in threads you are complaining about dickhead.

why would you make a whole thread bitching and moaning about something you contributed toward?


Please delete threads that ask to delete threads. Fixed.