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THC Vodka is Almost Done


Dudes, Ive been soaking some weed in a bottle of Grey goose for about 5 months now

I just strained the weed and all the debris out of the container

Took a few shots and I'm feelin real good lol

but here's the kicker

Im about to soak some skittles in the thc laced vodka to make some sweet ass drink

My weekend is about to bang!


Have you been making worthless posts since last summer, or have they just reached new levels of suck recently?



I had a two liter full with Sprite, yellow skittle flavored vodka and everclear not too long ago.

now soaking weed with alcohol is that supposed to have the vodka soak the THC?


The temptation for spirits and women are immune to most everything....except more spirits and women


You have my blessings. Now go forth and rock.




That's some silly shit.


whatu want me to do? quit cuz u dont like me?

Thats very unlikely, God Strike me


x3 wtf!




If you build it/say it/do it, they will put it on youtube.


You kind of lost me at the Skittles.

But then on the other hand, some people, despite using quality booze for their margaritas, use the worst crap imaginable -- what is to lime juice as Tang is to orange juice -- in place of lime juice.

I'd have thought if you wanted sweetness, Patron Citronge or a liqueur of your choice would go better with the THC-laced Grey Goose than would Skittles, but...




I'm unconvinced that meerly soaking weed in vodka will extract the thc.

now if you told me you ground up the pot, put it in a coffee filter, and replaced the water with vodka, i might believe you.


I don't have any information on THC's solubility in alcohol, let alone in 40% alcohol / 60% water.

However, on the possibility (which seems reasonable) that the solubility is sufficient, 5 months ought to be more than enough time for the THC to diffuse out of the weed and out into the vodka, regardless of it not being ground up.


soak skittles in vodka. overnight. strain. chill. shoot straight or mix with sprite/ginger ale.

pretty novel idea. girls like it. gets them naked


my b, meant to post the pic from the website.


THC is definitely soluble in alcohol and fat. It doesn't need to be soaked for 5 months though. You can make an iso-extact (hash oil) after soaking weed in 90% rubbing alcohol for 5 minutes. All you do is strain it through several coffee filters and let the alcohol evaporate.


If you really want to get baked without smoking though, this is the way to do it...

first of all, bake your pot on a sheet of tin foil at 250-260deg until when you pinch a nug it breaks apart into dust (usualy 10-15 mins for somewhat fresh stuff)

this is the process of converting 80-90% of whatever inactive alkaloids are left into thc and thcv
sometimes it can double or even triple the potency of your bud if you try smoking it after this process... it will bake out most of the smell and flavor though, so if your picky about that and dont care more for the medical sedation, then maybe its not for you. i can make an ounce last much longer this way though.

now on to the firecrackers:

this is how i make em and they are DANK

Box of graham crackers
A jar of high-fat creamy peanut butter
Chocolate chips

break the cracker in half so u have two equaly sized squares, and swab em both with peanut butter so theres at least 1/2cm to a full cm of peanut swabbed on one side of each cracker. You should be able to just pinch and roll a nug in your finger and have it turn into coffee-grinder style dust if you used the above method of increasing potency. Sprinkle 0.25 on each cracker half and use the toothpick to mix it in with the peanut butter... Add as many chocolate chips to one side as u think u will enjoy, and press em together, wrap em tightly in tin foil, and bake on the top or top middle rack at 320deg for 20 minutes.

one shouldnt worry about the peanut butter being runny once it heats, and the tinfoil makes sure theres no mess and that it doesnt burn the outside but lets it heat to the right temperatures. when the peanut butter gets hot it will turn solid like clay, it doesnt get runny.

Graham crackers are best for this cause they add to the flavor, i used to just add saltines and it wasnt that good. now i add graham crackers and a few chocolate chips, the thc and peanut oil usualy get soaked into the cracker, making the whole thing one solid biscuit of yum.

anyways, make a few of these and use that preparation i first spoke of, it will make a whole world of difference to your potency both edible and smoked.