That's Right, Another Newbie

I have been reading fairly extensively on cycle planning and have a pretty good idea on what I want to do, I just am wanting some possible tweaks if anyone finds any issues with my planned cycle. A little background: I did a cycle of Test ( forget what kind) and Deca about 7 years ago, with zero science behind it and consider myself lucky to not have gotten any serious and permanent sides from it, (no PCT and no AI during cycle, I know…stupid). For all intents and purposes this is what I am considering my first “real” cycle, and before diving head first into a situation that could permanently fry my endocrine system, I am looking for a little reassurance for what i have planned. So here it goes:

W 1-10 : Test E 300mg/E3D
W 1-8 : Deca 300 mg/EW
W 2-10 : HCG 350iu/ E3D *
W 1-10 : ADEX .5mg/EOD

W 10- 12: ADEX .25 mg/EOD
W 12-16 : ADEX .125 mg/ EOD
W 12-13 : Clomid 25mg/EOD *
W 13-14 : Clomid 12.5mg/EOD
W 14-15 : Clomid 6 mg/ EOD
W 15-16 : Clomid 3 mg/EOD

  • A few notes: The HCG 350iu E3D is because I don’t have ready access to needles or gear for that matter, I have the amounts planned out but I can only get so much at once.

I also have access to Nolva if anyone feels it is that much superior to Clomid for PCT. Currently the Nolva will be standby for Gyno symptoms, thats why i didn’t want to also use for PCT.

One last thing, I have a good friend also hopping on gear with me, planning on using same protocol minus the Deca.

I think thats about it. Not trying to get flamed here, just a guy who has done it really wrong in the past trying to do it right this time. I know there is a ton of knowledge on this forum and I am all ears.


Your cycle is fine. I personally wouldn’t touch Deca but lots of people do with great results.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll post updates once I start in October.

oh wait, sorry, just noticed your PCT is weird.

I’m old school - I believe the 50mg clomid for 4 weeks is best

Yeah I was thinking about @KSman’s post about most of the SERM protocols being too high? I figured seeing as how I will be doing HCG throughout and somewhat trying to maintain LH function i wouldn’t need super high doses to start out with, and then I could taper off after the first week? But some of that might be completely misguided I still don’t fully understand all of this. You are saying PCT should run something more like Clomid 50/50/50/50 per day while tapering off Adex at the same time, with both ending the same week correct? Thanks for the help

for your PCT, i’d suggest dosing 25 mg clomid ED for 6-8 weeks. plenty of science on that… no reason to go much higher or lower, tho.

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Thanks for the guidance. Appreciate it.


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