That's Messed Up: Nutrition Edition

not messed up!!!

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That’s not messed up though. Any type of nut butter is also good on sweet potatoes.

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Egg whites? Does it taste good??

There’s really no taste. It just becomes foam. The heat of the coffee pretty much cooks it, like a merengue

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Yup! Sunflower butter too.

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Just a few, because I’ve had a lot.

Don’t make mashed potatoes in a blender, unless you want to eat wallpaper paste.

If your salmon is sticking to the pan, make sure you didnt get your salt and sugar mixed up.

If you’re making stir fry, don’t toss your veggies in the same bowl with raw chicken. Then forget to cook the chicken.

If you have a dog and are making chili, check the cans twice.

I had a friend who was prepping for a local Bodybuilding show, and a couple days before I visited and he was eating a plain chicken breasts with strawberry jam and swore it was "so good.


Chicken has stopped being affordable here too. A 10lb bag of chicken breast used to be $16 at Sam’s, now it is $35 when you can find it.

This was quite colorful! And painted the picture very well.

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After reading some of the replies here (yuck!), I’m starting to think it wouldn’t have been that bad. Haha

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