That's Messed Up: Nutrition Edition

Just now, I was this close to adding red pepper flakes instead of cinnamon to my protein shake. Thankfully, I caught what was in my hand before it was too late.

But that made me wonder, do you have any entertaining kitchen blunders? And if so, did ya eat it?

Or, do you have any “weird” things that you just like?


I have a buddy that makes his own pre-workout. Creatine, caffeine, and a bit of crystal light. Well, he was running late, and had his GF make it for him. She used the 5g creatine scoop on the caffeine, and the 200 mg caffeine scoop on the creatine.

He was quite awake. IIRC, he was close to going to the hospital, and didn’t sleep until like 30 hours later.


Holy crap. Glad he’s okay in the end.

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Some graphic stuff from Eastern Europe 15-17 years back :
When i was a kid, we didnt have much money, options or an internet that worked internationally. So we had what we had.
The cheapest protein was to go to a chicken farm and buy this powder, thats like some waste product of god knows what. Its basically the same nutritional value as whey, only it was really cheap but… it didnt blend too well… and it also tasted like a gay party did fuck a smelly, dirty homeless guy in the ass, all of them came inside…after which he squatted over a glass and let it all out in a glass… after which he left it in the summer heat, in the sun, for a week, and then microwaved it.
Seriously, i would rather suck dick now, that try to get that shit down. But we were young, poor and ready to whatever.
Basically, most of us drank it over the sink or bathtub, because at least 50% of the time we threw it back up, right back in the blender.

Since we all were going to be Mr.OIympia naturally(like Ronnie and Jay) as soon as we get money for some BSN and Muscletech, we did what needs to be done, and since that stuff tasted so horrible, the fact that it was the 2nd or 3rd time it goes down and up didnt change much and we just threw it up back in the blender and drank it again until it was down and done.

mustard on EVERYTHING (savoury)

  • as salad dressing
  • on every meat
  • in place of yoghurt or mayo in chicken or tuna salad

I’m also a walking chinese food meme. I’ll eat any semi- edible part of any semi-edible animal

Actually right now eating fried chicken hearts, since because of the war, real meat has become unaffordable. Wo hen bu gao xin. Not a chinese tho(just learning the language).

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I think Thor said if he believed eating dog shit would make him stronger, he would have it every day.

I for one would just be a little less strong. I also wouldn’t eat the chicken powder.

I really liked these buffalo chicken potato chips. Then I read on the ingredients that they had ground chicken powder in them and it kinda grossed me out, so I haven’t gotten them since.

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I cooked some egg noodles, I was draining the water into a used kitchen sink bowl but half the noodles fell out. I just rinsed them off and ate them regardless v_v

Although the most disgusting thing was probably the whey, powdered oats and 3 tablespoons of olive oil shakes I used to make twice a day when I first started trying to bulk.

I had a TA once from Pittsburgh who would put ketchup in her yogurt.

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You were just giving your immune system a workout.

I have definitely put mustard in my yoghurt when I’m not in the mood for sweet yoghurt

Heinz definitely makes the best yellow mustard

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Hail the King:


Somewhere around the end of BTM I was so sick of the 12 eggs a day I wanted to try drinking them, but since the bioavailability goes way down when they’re raw I tried blending hard boiled eggs into my shake, and I can still remember the taste. Ugh.


Sounds like the original Ultimate Orange

That sounds worse than the chicken shake.

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My failed shortcut cowers in the presence of the Poundstone shake.

But yeah, I made it worse by not waiting long enough so they were still warm and…fragrant…shudders


If you blend eggs into hot coffee it becomes foamy and creamy.

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Maybe the pepper would have been tasty in the shake :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I screw up with the cinnamon allllll the time… I have 2 young boys so I’m always running around in the kitchen at warp speed. I have accidentally grabbed the black pepper and the taco seasoning many times! Pepper in oatmeal is NOT very good, lol.

Weird combos:

I like cheddar cheese and apple together.

I mix Metamucil into my chocolate protein shake in the morning. I feel like it saves time so I don’t have to make 2 drinks and it tastes like one of those Terry’s chocolate oranges


I LOVE peanut butter on sweet potatoes - it will change your life!! And cottage cheese is good on and in pretty much everything. I love that stuff…


That sounds interesting… Peanut butter on scrambled eggs is a wonderful combo too!