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That's Just Harry


If that is true I’m a chick magnet extraordinaire.


Most Navy guys are. Islandic girls…


I’m sure I speak for all o’ us chaps fans when I say that I hope you continue to post when you’re back in the PI. Especially pics and stuff. Plus a Harry style rehash of the big race.


Probably my last post for a while. Been running, swimming, and lifting. Skinnier now than when I was active duty. Feeling really fit. Leave out this Tuesday. 3.5 flight to Denver, 12 hrs to Tokyo, 4.5 hrs to Manila, 2.5 hr car ride to our house. Week after getting there using a very good friends boat, taking myself, 2 brother in laws, several nephews, lots of beer and brandy and heading down the archipelago. Hit a different island every night. Scuba, snorkel, and fish all day. Get back in time for All Saints Day and visiting of the family at the cemetery. Work out, get ready for the big swim/run. My oldest son, 39, will be arriving in time to do it with me. He’s the present record holder. Set the record in 2008. Broke the record of some guy that had stood since 1988. Little shit. Updates will follow.


Have a wonderful time.


You do live a cool lifestyle. Be safe and post pics upon your return.


Land fall at one of the islands with a few of the nephews. back at the main island and home now. Swimming and running every day.


Yay! Looks like you have some good help there!


Still looking like a beast Harry, hope you are having a ball


Refueling, getting supplies, and drunk with the locals on Red Horse 500ml malt liquor.

Edit: Marinduque Island


That right there sounds like a great evening.


Have you been doing curlz for the girlz w/o mentioning it? 'Dose guns…


Think they just look better because as I’ve lost weight they’re more defined and the tan contrast.


Coming to you with the blazing internet speed of 3mps from the beautiful beaches of the Philippine Islands. Found a nice “lifting gym” near my house. All the bars are 6’ and the weights all have the 1" holes. The bench is like the one I had in the garage when I was 14 so afraid to go over 200#s on it. Kinda wiggles when i just lay down on it. Think you can see it in the background. 2nd floor, no AC, 92f and 80 % humidity. Went through 2 liters of water during the session. Bargained with the owner, he got the best of me, 500 pesos ($9.43), and a bottle of Emperador Brandy for a 3 month membership. I just easy. Running, swimming everyday, working out a brother in laws Arnis gym. Pix of 2 nephews doing double sticks.


Ah! You got this! Just might have to get creative.


200 measly lbs on the bench for you? That’s got German Volume Training written all over it!

I see a squat rack though, so that’s a big win.

1" holes on the weights -I know exactly what you’re talking about, and I’m (almost) embarrassed to admit I had one of those into my early 20s LOL.

I wish I could’ve learned double sticks, looks very cool. Saw Enter The Dragon on TV recently, Bruce Lee did an awesome double sticks fight scene in it.

Just for kicks, I’m going to guess the nephew on the left is more “accomplished”?


Daniel Inosanto, a Filipino-American, was a training partner of Bruce Lee and coached him for that scene. And yes, Portoy on the left is the more accomplished. Benock on the right is his younger brother.


My first weights were that variety. I still have a ton of them and they’re great for loading dumb bells. Of course I don’t need as many as you would.


Good to read you’ve got gym access over there in paradise.


this is living the dream plan A

Im stuck on plan B