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That's Just Harry


If that is true I’m a chick magnet extraordinaire.


Most Navy guys are. Islandic girls…


I’m sure I speak for all o’ us chaps fans when I say that I hope you continue to post when you’re back in the PI. Especially pics and stuff. Plus a Harry style rehash of the big race.


Probably my last post for a while. Been running, swimming, and lifting. Skinnier now than when I was active duty. Feeling really fit. Leave out this Tuesday. 3.5 flight to Denver, 12 hrs to Tokyo, 4.5 hrs to Manila, 2.5 hr car ride to our house. Week after getting there using a very good friends boat, taking myself, 2 brother in laws, several nephews, lots of beer and brandy and heading down the archipelago. Hit a different island every night. Scuba, snorkel, and fish all day. Get back in time for All Saints Day and visiting of the family at the cemetery. Work out, get ready for the big swim/run. My oldest son, 39, will be arriving in time to do it with me. He’s the present record holder. Set the record in 2008. Broke the record of some guy that had stood since 1988. Little shit. Updates will follow.


Have a wonderful time.