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So to sum up the last few days I’ve been lifting, swimming and running. Really getting into the running and swimming. For the first time in a long time actually decided to eat a specific way and see just how fit I can get at 63. Also, I want to make the swim/run when I get back to the Philippines. Eating all my carbs in the morning before I work out. Today, breakfast: 1/4 cup grits, 1/4 cup oatmeal, 3 eggs, swim 1500m. Lunch: 8oz rib eye w/stir fried bok choy, cauliflower and broccoli. After noon run 1.5 mile. Dinner: 8oz Salmon w/basil butter, green beans, spinach salad w/oil % vinegar. Weight in at 219. Had to break out some old shorts.


this will be interesting to follow. I have often thought as I approach 60 what would be possible fit wise. All carbs in the morning sounds smart…probably why I never tried it…Adequate stuff as always, Harry !!


I’ve found oatmeal and grits pack on the weight, but I’m not as active as you. I aim for under 100 carbs/day. Helps keep weight in check.


I’m only doing a half a cup combined and only on a swim run day. Getting ready to start stretching out my distances so figure I’ll need them.


Bench, Smith Incline bench, cable xover, cgb, over tri rope ext
This morning
An estimated 1600+m swim or 1 mile. Time to start stretching the distance out.


Forgot to post. For any of you rasslin’ fans. Glenn Jacobs or Kane, Just got himself elected up the road as mayor of Knox County TN.


I hope I’m as strong as you when I reach your age, inspirational journal.


Kane should get some respect at council meetings.


^ I agree.


Yesterday morning, Clean (from floor)& press-135wu, 185 x 5 x 5
Angel Lat raises (from the side to overhead) 30 x 12 x 3
Double cable pulldown to past hips 30 x 12 x 3
Straight bar curls (been years since I’ve done these) 45(bar)wu, 65,75 x 10, 85 x 8
Hammer Curls 40 x 10 x 12
Evening, 1.5 mile on track

Leg press - 180wu, 270,360 x 10 x 4
SLDL - 135wu, 225,315,335 x 10
Pullups - 8,7,7 Neutral grip - 6,6,6
Bent rows - 185 x 10 x 4
Seated rows - 130 x 10 x 4
stiff arm rope pulldowns - 70 x 10 x 4

This evening - Shotokan instruction/kata & kumite


looks like you are keeping yourself fairly busy young man…great stuff as always Harry!


0500hr - 2 small pc Canadian bacon, 3 scrambled eggs/onions/bell peppers 2 tsp salsa, 2 cups coffee. black
0600- 1000m swim/pretty slow/out of the water to a 3/4 mile x country/ back to water for a 500m/ out of water for another 1/2 mile. Carried running shoes on my back in a small backpack, rubbed the hell out of my arm pits and delts. Gotta work on this.
Lunch - Caldereta - 12 oz w/squash
135wu, 225 x 10 x 4
Smith incline
90wu, 180, 230, 250 x 10
pec dec thingy - 110 x 12 x 4
Cable xover 40 x 12 x 4
cgb- 225 x 12 x 4
dinner- 8 oz salmon w/ fresh green beans and spinach salad/ Caesar dressing
Beat - bw = 218. Same as when a I was in my 20’s but with less muscle mass. Bringing out some old shorts to wear.
0100- sipping Jameson’s, smoking a La Aurora 107, and typing this. Off tomorrow. Have to take my neighbor to the hospital for surgery.


Must be nice.


Sounds nice


Did someone say Jameson’s?


Love my Jameson’s. General drink the regular blended Irish but got a bottle of the 18 Year Old Limited Reserve. I take a wee sip of it every now and then.


It is.


Always like to unwind at the end of the day.


Power cleans 135wu, 185x6, 205x5, 225x3x3
Seated db Press 40wu, 50x8, 60 x 8 x 2
Angel Lat raises 30 x 12 x 3
Double cable pulldown to past hips 30 x 12 x 4
Straight bar curls 45wu, 65, 75 x 10, 85 x 8
Hammer Curls 40 x 10 x 12


A great drink and a solid workout.