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Elderly widow in my wife’s Philippine organization told the wife her ramp leading to her front porch had “a” loose board. Wife asks me to run by and fix “a” loose board, only take a minute. Got there around 9am, finished up at around 7pm. Ramp was in need of some serious repair. Here in town there’s an organization called CASA ( Care Assurance System for the Aging and Homebound) who build ramps and such for the elderly. Know several of the fine gentlemen, all volunteers, who work for them. Got all the PT lumber, cement, and hardware I needed for the job. Replaced a lot of boards, nails with screws, reset a couple of posts. As I was leaving the lady says, “pasalamatan ang iyong asawa para sa akin” which is “thank your wife for me”. Called that my work out for the day.


Yesterday - swim/run
today - arms


Gotta work those peaks. Quality


You’re a good man.


:shushing_face: Don’t let it get out.


cleans/press 135wu, 155 x 10, 175 x 8, 195 x 6
press from rack 185 x 8 x 3
cable lat raises 30, 40 x 12, 50 x 10 x 2
ski raises 50 x 12 x 3
Face pulls 100,110,120 x 12, 130 x 10
And, for the first time in ages, ab work

today, 1/2 mile run straight into the river for a 1000m swim


smith incline
cable xover
leg press
seated row
Stairclimber - 5 min


A true gentleman you are… I’m sure the wife will wear the compliment with pride!


Morning, 1000m swim
After lunch, hill run x 3 then 1mile run


DL - 135,225wu, 315, 365,385,405 x 5
pullups (overhand) 8,8,7 (neutral) 8x3
Bent rows 135wu, 185 x 12 x 3
seated row 100,120, 130, 140 x 12
shrugs (pause) smith machine 180wu, 270 x max x 3, 45# plate ea hand 3 x max
Bent rows 135wu, 185 x 12 x 3
lat pulldowns 90, 100, 110, 120 x 12
seated row 100,120, 130, 140 x 12
shrugs (pause 2 count ea rep) smith machine 180wu, 270 x max x 3
Wife’s been on the phone and skype most of the day with relatives in the Philippines. 3 typhoons back to back. Good portion of the islands are flood. Luckily our houses and the relatives are in the boondocks (tagalog word, look it up, means mountains) outside of down and uphill from the beach. The main town was under water but life goes on.


Down here we’d call it, ‘out bush’ or ‘out woop woop’.
Glad to here the family and house is ok. Sad to see the images of flooded areas.


Oh no! I haven’t seen anything on the news about this. Glad to hear your family is safe.


Funny that’s tagalog. We use it up here to mean out in the country. It’s usually shortened to out in the boonies.

I’m glad your family is safe.


Kinda reminds you of Louisiana?


I’m glad everything is fine.


Glad you’re family is on high ground. The flooding happen very often during the typhoon season?


Not usually. This time there were 3 back to back though. The town we live in is on the leeward side of the Bataan (yeah, the Bataan Death March) hills so it’s usually pretty protected. This time there was just so much rain it the drainage system couldn’t handle it.


Sure does, not just the water but the humidity, too.


I’m kinda a geek for work orgins and how the came about. We picked up boondocks from the Philippines during the Philippine-American War 1899-1902. Same time the Marines picked up their Leatherneck nickname. Most GIs just say the boonies, too.