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That's Just Harry


Your brothers have such interesting and unique names. How did you wind up with just Harry? (Heh!)

Every time I see pork used in Philippine cuisine on the Food Network, it makes me salivate.


Kalderetta Baboy, my favorite pork dish. We also cook up a pig for every occasion in the Philippines. Usually around 30-40#. Very popular at christenings.
Most of my brothers are named after uncles and such. As for my name, Dad got to me, #6, and either decided it was time to have a Jr. or just got tired of coming up with names. Where he got his I have no idea. According to my mother I was almost Gerhard Mercer (Behrmann) after my mother’s father.


Pretty sure I had a great 4 of July. Started at the Vet home cooking breakfast. Their compliments always make me blush. (Stop pissin in the damn pancake batter, Chief!) BarBQ at big brother Remi’s. Pig done to perfection and the firework’s were as good as promised. Met many a new boyfriend and girlfriend of great nieces and nephews. God, having great-great nieces and nephews makes you feel old. Both Father Dan and Father Bart from the parish came by and visited with mother for a while. She enjoyed that and her glass, or two, of her Riesling wine. The mayor and some other local dignitaries stopped by to have one and press the flesh. Outstanding zydeco music provide by a nephews band. Once again for some reason I was not asked to sing. Good time for all.
Today - swam up the river and the down. Not sure how far but it felt good.


225 (very wide) x 12 x 4
Smith incline
180 x 12 x 4
pec deck
100 x 12 x 4
Cable xover
60 x 12 x 4

225 x 12 x 4
overhead tri ext (rope)
90 x 12 x 4

Afternoon - ran a mile. Adding running to the work out. I have a purpose.


Was something chasing you? That’s the only reason I can think of to run.


There’s a swim & run challenge in Subic Bay, the Philippines. 3k (1.84m) swim and then from the beach to around an elevation 1,253 metres (4,111 ft) over a 4k (2.5m) winding course. Did it the first time in 1984. Wanna see if I can still do it. Going to try it in Dec with my son who’ll be there on leave with us. Probably take off a few pounds and get down to around 215 for it. No fool like an old fool.


Wow! May you kick aome ass my friend!


If it goes from sea level to 1200m in 4km I doubt you will run much. That is seriously steep !!


You, you’re off the team! :wink:

There is no doubt for Team Harry, there is only do!


Sorry, you’re right. Mixed up my meters and feet. The elevation is 1,253 ft (382m) not 1253m and it is 4k (2.5 miles). Never do conversions after a Jameson’s or two.


Lol, I did a race in Australia that had a bit over 1200m elevation but it was 22km long. I ran up hill for over 2 hours and it was totally brutal. The thought of having to do that elevation in 4km made me shiver. Even 1200ft in 4km will be tough, but no doubt you will kick it in the arse.


Yesterday - morning- 1500m swim. slow and steady
Afternoon - 1 mile run on dirt road

seated machine press - 110,130 x 12 (neutral grip) 140, 150 x 12 (overhand)
cable lat raises - 20wu, 30 x 12 x 4
ski raises - 45 x 12 x 3
face pulls (seated/rope) - 60,70, 80, 80 x 12
shrugs - 225 x max x 3 bb, 60 x max x 3 (3 second pause)
stair climber - 4 minutes - never used one of these before and it kicked my ass. Legs were pumped after just a few minutes.


For the first time since I can remember I did an “arm day”

All supersets
ez curls & overhead tri ext (rope) x 4
cable preacher curls & cgb x 4
hammer curls & straight bar tri pushdowns
sng arm cable curls & sng arm tri extension (palm up)
1 mile treadmill run at incline 5


Nice work Harry, the girls love the curls !


Solid mix in the workouts Harry.


I’m at the point that it should be “curls for the grandmas”.


Headed out to a brothers place who’s property includes a nice hill. Not sure of the rise put it’s fairly steep and maybe a couple 100 yards or so to the top. Ran to the top twice today then an estimated half mile over grass. This getting back into running is…challenging. Feels good though. Need to find a place on the river where I can come straight out of the water to an open run area, preferably with an incline. I wear an Orca Open Water swimsuit usually but it sucks for running. May have to go back to plain shorts.


Wouldn’t worry about that plenty of good looking grannies out there


225 (wide grip) x 12 x 4
DB incline
50wu, 60,70,80 x 12
pec dec
120 x 12 x 4
Cable xover
60 x 12 x 4

Leg press
180wu, 270, 360 x 12


Pullups (overhand) 7 x 3 (neutral grip) 8 x 3
Bent rows 135wu, 185 x 12 x 3
lat pulldowns 90, 100, 110, 120 x 12
seated row 100,120, 130, 140 x 12
shrugs (pause 2 count ea rep) smith machine 180wu, 270 x max x 3
4.5 minutes stair climber - Starting to have a love/hate relationship with this thing. My quads were on fire at 4.

swim 1500m
after lunch
I mile run, 1/2 mile walk