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That's Just Harry


Those are some nice action shots!


Small world sometimes.



Thanks or sharing the pics. I think I may have found a couple of stones in the front yard that should work well. I’ve got to get’em inside washed down and weighed.

Given the pics I’m assuming you’re using the glide method instead of the Braemar method. Now, I have what may be a stupid question, but here goes…

Do you train only your strongest arm to throw the stone or do you train both arms?


I use to rotate but now I use the glide to throw the stone. The braemar is a heavy stone and you can only use the power position, no glide or rotate, to throw. I only throw with the right arm. The heavy shot I was throwing is for Track and field and a shot put. I compete in Master’s T&F. Here’s a picture of that. The shot makes it look like 2 shots but it’s only 1. shot%20am


Tennessee Senior Olympics : Shot & Discus = 1
Think this may be it for the season. There’s another meet next month I got an invite to but I’m pretty iffy about it. Anxious to get back to the gym and water on a regular basis.
Did a nice, slow 1000m swim this morning. Rains have the river running a little fast. Back to the gym tomorrow.




Back in the saddle.
Bench (very wide grip day)
225 x 12 x 4
Medium Incline db
45,55 x 12
65,75 x 10
pec dec (rarely us so seeing what I can use on it)
90, 100 x 15
120, 140 x 12
xcross overs
40, 50 x 15
60,70 x 12
225 x 10 x 3
overhead tri ext (rope)
70,80 x 15
90 x 12
I was somehow volunteered to escort the wife, several nieces, and around 20 or so great nieces and their friends to the local water park tomorrow. I get to act as bodyguard (keep the young boys away) and life guard while the wife and nieces provide adult supervision. I get a free picnic and a day playing in the water out of it.


Could be old but a young friend just sent me this and I had to post it.


Impressive. The guys like that in my gym only walk on treadmills.


Yesterday, swam, played in the wave pool. Went off the 10m platform bunches, baby sat and bodyguarded. Pouted when the wife made me come out of the water to eat. Fun day.

Seated press on machine. First time I’ve used this. Very painful to get my left arm rotated enough toget under the handles. Solution: turn towards left handle an grab it then turn right side till I could get the other handle. When I do my regular presses it’s all front delts. On this I can get my elbows out an come close to doing btn presses.
machine press - 50 x 10 (test), 100,130, 140 x 10
lat delt raises - 20, 25 x 12, 30 x 10, 35 x 8
ski raises (rear delt move) 45 x 12 x 3
face pulls (rope) -50, 60, 70, 80 x 12

Ez curl - bar plus 50, 70 x 12, 80, 85 x 10
hammer curls - 45 x 8 x 10


335 x 10
355 x 8
375 x 6
395 x 4
405 x 2

Because I haven’t done them in years and Biker suggested them a while back I gave pullups a try. Humbling to say the least.
Pullups (hands facing forward) 5 reps x 3 (hands sideways) 5 reps x 3 and then I wept.
Lat pulldowns
100,110,120,130 x 12
Seated row
120,130,140,150 x 12
Leg press
180,270,360 x 12


I[quote=“hel320, post:654, topic:191959”]
335 x 10
355 x 8
375 x 6
395 x 4
405 x 2
Can’t imagine what could have gone wrong with the pull ups :roll_eyes:


Using a multigrip chinning bar installed in garage about 4 times weekly guarantees heavier lifts, most likely throwing farther. Don’t overdo them, try attaching set of rings to the bar if shoulders/elbows act up. Works for me at 245.

Pullups at home prevent a spectacle in the gym; you’ll get past the crying phase and probably reach a 500+ deadlift. That ought to be enough motivation.


Pull ups are something that need reps to get better. Do them a few times a day and you will be surprised how quick you get good at them .


I was good at them back in the day. Had to do 15, after the 500m swim, 1.5mile run, 55 push ups, and 70 sit ups just to request accepts to my career field in the military. We did daily pt that included LOTS of pullups and rope cliombing. Now I’ll see if they’ll come back.


Right. Neither can I. :laughing:


Started the day with the sun coming up and doing a nice 1000m swim. Was in the middle of mowing my yard and the left side of the deck dropped. Had to take the deck off to find out a little bitty deck adjustment gear had gone awol. After a trip to 3 different lawn mower shops I ended up ordering the part from ebay and getting a nephew’s mower to finish the job. Day was pretty well shot after that.
Plans are under way for 4th of July. Cook breakfast at the Vet home then heading out to big brother Remi’s. He’s cooking a 150 # hog. One of his grandson’s built him an electric pulley operated rotisserie they say will handle up to a 300#er. Got great nephews lined up for cooking duty as it’ll take about 20-22 hours to cook. Brother Thibaut is promising a spectacular firework show. Can’t wait.


Well now we all know where we want go for the 4th!


machine press - 100,130, 140, 150 x 10
lat delt raises - 20, 25 x 12, 30 x 10, 35 x 8
ski raises - 45 x 12 x 3
face pulls (seated/rope) - 60,70, 80, 80 x 12

Ez curl - bar plus 50, 70 x 12, 80, 85 x 10
machine preacher curls - 50,60,70,80 x 12
hammer curls - 45 x 8 x 10


Getting in a bro session, nice work mate.