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That's Just Harry


First time I ever heard of a bayou was from Linda Ronstadt (had a poster of her on my wall in college) singing Blue Bayou.

I’m going back someday
Come what may
To Blue Bayou
Where the folks are fun
And the world is mine


Spend most of my summers knee deep in the Bayou at my grandparents house. House was on stilts and no TV, just an old Motorola radio. Fishing, hunting, trapping with grandpere. Swam a lot with one brother on the banking watching for gators. One of the best times of my life.


“Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon day sun” - R. Kipling
Add discus throwers to that. Had several errands to run today so didn’t get out to throw until around noontime. 94f and humidity in the 70s. Good session, though. Getting near the end of the season and my form is finally coming together. Go figure. Hope to hit the gym tomorrow for one more workout, oh, sorry, training session, and throw the shot tomorrow evening. Lot of ugly weather forecast so we’ll see.


Second post of the night. Just got through reading most of the other logs on here and realize I’m outdated. I want to contribute but most the posters are using systems I never heard of. Half the terminology and lifts I have no idea what they mean. I’m still using what I learn back in the 60’s and 70’s. Every blue moon I try and read the articles here on TNation and usually get part way into them and quit. I think it’s time to pull out the rocking chair and sit on the front porch.


Lol I know what you mean Harry. You’ll be safe (but suitably unimpressed) with mine. It has squat, bench, deadlift and oh press in it. Ha ha :slight_smile:


Nobody’s workout on here need intimidate you. You’re doing great.

Grandparents in Atchafalaya basin, huh?


I doubt it’s time for the rocking chair since you are one THE most impressive people in this forum.

The articles have too much fluff. The tips are way better. I rarely make it through an entire article.

OG had to tell me what EMOM meant. But that’s why we are here, to learn from each other.


Even mums on meth ??? :wink:


Bawhahahhaa! You must know where I live! That should be the town motto!


I know where you live !!! Did that sound creepy? Actually i have no idea other than it is on the other side of the world !


Yes sir. About 5 miles outside of New Iberia.


Ended up having a pretty good day throwing the shot. Worked on some release issues (I Ieave the ground for reversal before the shot leaves my hand). That’s it until Saturday. Lots of rain predicted.
Had a delicious dinner at a brother Beau’s house. His wife made some albndigas, home made tortillas and frijoles refritos . Brother did some Carne asada on the grill, and tortillas. Big brother Remi brought his friend Jose Cuervo so a good dinner all around. I love my sister in law Isabella. She’s always asking my wife if I’m eating enough. I’m wasting away at 225.


Ever meet any of the Sheas?


That’s a great picture.


To be honest, I can’t be bothered with any of the articles. There’s only so many ways to skin a cat and much of what is written is for younger lifters. If I try to follow it, I’d be trashed. My recovery as I age, is for shit.

After this many years, I’ve figured out what works for me, that’s what makes my log a bit tedious.


O> Blockquoteheavy shot throws


I want to get me some stones. I’ve been messing around with an awkward toss with a 12 lb and 18 lb kettlebell in the sand of a volleyball court around the corner from me, but obviously this comes no where near allowing for a good throw. No, I’m not using the handle, lol.

The wife and I are gonna head up into the local mountains this early summer to search for some good round’ish stones in various weights.


Remember a few Sheas from back in the day. If I remember right they owned Bayou Welding and it became the Bayou Pipe Co…


The one I’m throwing in the first pix is a 16#. The second is a 24 #. Make sure you get a smooth one. Streams are your best bet. If you know a friendly landscaper you might get lucky, too.stonebreamer%20throw


Look at Harry in action! Impressive!


Same folks. Went to law school with Steve Shea. A girl named Clayee Patout married a good friend who died young.