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That's Just Harry


My Dad was in Korea and Vietnam. Two of my older brothers also did Viet Nam and the rest of us served various lengths with me going the full 30. One of my sons is going on around 15 years in now. My wife’s father was Philippine Regular and then resistance in WWII and two of her brothers were Philippine Special Forces (how I met her). We are lucky to have other members of the family to talk to when needed. That your father trusted you enough to confide in you says a lot.


Over the long weekend spend the majority of it at the Vet retirement home. Cooked my award winning pancakes both Sunday and Monday (you piss in the batter, Chief!?) Cook outs both nights with big brother Remi controlling the grills. Local band played big band music played Sunday night. We charged the beaches of Normandy, Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword several times again. Relived the Chosin Reservoir fight with one of the real Frozen Chosin. Khe Sanh, the Tet Offensive, Hill 937, were fought again. Best and worst bars, whorehouses, ports, and liberties were revisited. Family gone ahead was remembered. Good feed and good camaraderie.
First thing this morning hit the river for a 1000m swim. The weather kept threatening to turn bad but held off till then end of my swim.
Light lifting tomorrow, can’t throw because of storms, SE Championships this Sturday.


Good luck for the weekend Sir.


Such a great visual picturing you and some 90+ year olds sneaking cigars and boozes behind the building. They’re lucky to have you.

Good luck this weekend.


Bench - 135,185wu, 225 x 8 x 4
Hang cleans 135 wu, 185 x5 x 5
Press from stand - 185 x 5 x 5
hammer curls - 40 x 10 x 4
tri ext rope - 90 x 10 x 4
Sldl w bent knees (Romanian) 275 x 5 x 5
leg press - 405 x 8 x 3
Nothing real heavy and hit all the major parts. Can’t see getting in throwing in because of the rain so may have to head over to the indoor pool and just get in some easy laps tomorrow.


Spent an hour in the pool today just doing a slow swim. Meet Saturday is turning into a big one. Looks like they have to go to 3 flights in the discus and 3 in the shot. (10 to 12 people per flight, 3 throws each, top 6 throws go to the finals and get 3 more throws) Some big boys coming. I spend an hour on the phone today walking one of them through late registration for the meet. Finally got him in. He was grateful. “I’ll bring the donuts and coffee Harry”. Meet is 110 miles from my front door and the shotput starts at 0800. Early morning.


Expecting a good writeup from you after this weekend.


Shot = 2
disc = 1
weight pentathlon = 1
Fantastic USATF Southeast T&F Championship and weight pentathlon. Beautiful facilities, USATF sanctioned judges, great weather, great competition.
2nd in the shot. No excuses, did my very best, a new pr in the prelims and then beat that for another in the finals. It weren’t enough. The shot put legend Brian Oldfield once said you gotta “punch a hole in the sky”, and good friend John Nespoli did just that. New USA age record. He still holds the 50-54 record. Did my best, he did better, no excuses. (I do think he’s been using performance enhancing donuts).
Won the discus by throwing another new pr, 4 of us within 50cm of each other, and the weight penthalon was anti-climatic with only 10 throwers. Not many throw all the implements. I don’t except for these rare meets.
For the first time I remember my right shoulder was sore Monday so I headed out to the steam room and the wife used her magic fingers and it feels better now.
Next meet is this coming Saturday. Alabama Sports Festival. 5,000 kids and us old farts. Ages 5 - infinity.


Great write up and well done. I gotta get me some of those donuts!


Congratulations Harry! PRs are nice!


Light full body work out today. Hope to get a day of throwing in tomorrow and that will be it til Saturday’s meet

early morning swim, maybe 500m, real slow and lazy
breakfast with several brothers, couple of nephews, some great nephews, a few cousins, at waffle house.
pre lunch workout

Bench - 135,185wu, 275 x 5 x 5
Hang snatch (knees up) bar wu, 155 x5 x 5
Press from stand - 185 x 5 x 5
hammer curls - 40 x 10 x 4
tri ext rope - 90 x 10 x 4
DL 315 - 5 x 5 x 5
leg press - 405 x 8 x 3
Hit all the major parts.

Got drug off to a Viewing/Results Party tonight. Two brothers (and the wife) really involved in local and state politics so we went to a big to do to watch results come in with the candidate and assorted other movers and shakers. Good food and I actually found that legendary smoky back room where all the deals are made. Sipped some really good bourbon, smoked a fine cigar and watched brothers work the room. Good time.


…working the room. Good tactic for anything.


Wednesday had a nice easy throwing session and Thursday swam 1000m. Still considering doing the swimming in the Senior Olympics again but have a couple of weeks to make up my mind. Not real excited about this Saturdays meet but will make the best of it. Good thing is it’s being held 13 miles from me this year so I don’t have to travel. Next meet after this will be 23 Jun.


Alabama Sports Fest
Shot = 1
Discus = 1
Next meet 2 weeks


Bling bling. Great job sir. At this rate you will need a bigger trophy room !!


Great job Harry


Nice. Congrats!


^Way to go. You’re keeping us proud.


You are simply amazing Harry!


Not sure if I’ve ever told this before but we have a Coach Henderson here who’s retired from Alabama A&M. He was the T&F coach there when they we’re good and produced some Olympians. He now coaches a T&F team made up of kids from less affluent areas. I began giving the medals to him a while back so he can hand them out to kids he coaches.