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That's Just Harry


What’s a little “ass in the face” among friends?
Great pull. Thanks for sharing.


You were/are one strong dude. That’s about l00 lbs more than I was pulling at that age.


I always suspected you were an ass face.

That looked easy. I love looking at my old stuff.


You, Ma’am, can go straight to the head of the class. (sorry, Harry lol)

Btw, nice pull for 56.

If you pull 650 when you turn 65, I will genuflect before the altar of your greatness, and rip the “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” sign off of my wall.


Don’t encourage her.
Someday I need to show the “special” genuflect my brother convinced me to do during high mass on easter when I was around 7. Kinda a kneel with a sword thrust at the end. He was the only one amused.
Keep your “worldly things are fleeting” or more accurately " Thus passes the glory of the world" sign. (altar boy when the mass was in latin plus 3 years hs latin). Ain’t gonna be no 650!


Total opposite of last Saturday. 92f and not a cloud in the sky. Great meet, well run, good competition. Alabama Seniors is an open meet so anyone from anywhere can enter. Had one thrower from as far away as Pensacola and one from Maryland. Shot I threw good, discus I scared myself. Made the guy remeasure my throw to make sure of the distance. PR by 3+ feet. Did it the first throw of the finals, fouled the next 2 throws trying to get near it again.
Got home, anticipating the praise I would received, walked in the door and was met by wife, 2 sister-in-laws, assorted several nieces and great nieces. Sister in law number 2 met me at the door, "go to gege (older brother) Remi and help there. Sic Transit Gloria.
Preparations were in full swing for Sundays Mother’s Day and my mother’s 94 birthday party. Shower and over to brothers house to help set up grills, tables, and chairs. Sunday was a great picnic, cook out. Probably around 75 + people, and lots more stopping by to wish my mother happy birthday.
Next meet, South East Masters Championship, 2 Jun.als1aals2aals3a


Medals galore here.


Medals galore indeed.

Inspiring, you be.

Speechless, I am.


Nice work Harry. I guess you win so often no one in your family gets overly surprised or excited anymore. I hope you inherited your Mom’s longevity genes.


Let’s certainly hope not.


Congratulations on the PR! Nice medals too! Way to go Harry!


Bringing home some hardware. Very nice.


I get arched eyebrows from brothers or maybe a "Tandis que " (Well?)? Which is how they ask how I did. When I say I won, I get a nod. Second place or lower is another set of raised eyebrows. From mother I always get a “Wie hast du mein Kleinstes gemacht?” (How did you do my littlest one? Hey. I’m the baby!) and a kiss on the forehead. From wife, well, she motivates me.


225 x 10
275 x 5 x 5

db incline
55,60, 65 x 10

to 35 x 8 below bench level

cable cross overs
to 50 x 8

Close grip
225 x 8 x 3

Tri pushdown (rope)
to 110 x 12

training, held promotions, 5 promote to next Dan, 2 not

This morning, Swimming in the river! About a 1000m total, cool but tolerable

Got to share. Gym down the road I never use is offering…goat yoga. They do yoga outside in a field with goats. Goat get on there back, wander around. We’re doomed.


You made that up.


You made my day.


Not the gym near me but I offer this as proof: https://www.cnn.com/2017/01/12/health/goat-yoga-oregon-trnd/index.html


My mission here is done.


Hang cleans
185, 205, 225 x 2
245 x 1,1

Press from rack (no push mil)
135,185 x 6
205 x 4
225 x 3
(with dip)
245, 265 x 1

hammer curls
to 45 x 10


I think I’ll pass on goat yoga.