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That's Just Harry


Easter, most the family took Mama to sunrise mass. Good 75-80 of us. Filled up 4 or 5 pews at least. Mama lit some candles, did some private time with Fr. Andrew, and enjoyed the service. After mass, ate scrambled eggs with wurst and andouille mixed in at big brother Remi’s house. He cooked. Swear he’s the only man can lift this giant iron skillet he’s got with one hand. Bunch of nephews stayed all night cooking a 125 lb hog up for lunch,dinner. Used a motorized spit. Good thing, too, cause they and Mr Jack and Mr Jim were good friends by the time the hog was done. Made my acquaintance with some Jameson’s myself. Mama had a good Easter so it was a good Easter. Got up today and cleaned up the house, did laundry, cause wife’s getting back from the Philippines Wednesday. Dvr’ed the new Jesus Christ Superstar stage play yesterday so gonna watch it tonight. Sorry, not a thing about lifting or throwing.


4/2 = DL to 405 x 1
4/3 = Bench to 275 x5,5,5
4/4 = Shot, discus
4/5 = Morning, Clean/press floor up to 245x3, night instructed
4/6 = Swim
4/8 = Arnis
4/9 = Dl to 405 x1,1 Went to the post gym today. Has both a sauna and a steam room so took a nice long steam while telling war stories with other retirees.
Another two meet invites literally back to back. 6/2 SE Master’s T&F Championship and the next day 6/3 The SE Master’s Weight Pentathlon (you throw the shot, disc, javelin, hammer, and weight and then using a formula you get points for each) Both meets are in Birmingham, about 100 miles away so I might try and do them. Gives me meets every weekend in June. Haven’t thrown the hammer, weight, or javelin this year but what the hell.


405 DL, clean/press 245, good work.

I also trade war stories in my gym’s steam room. Navy guy among mostly retired Marines, and one Army general who doesn’t contribute much.


Truer words have never been spoken


185,205 x 10
225 x 8
275 x 5,5,5

DB Incline bench
60, 70 x10

high incline flys
20, 25, 30 x 12

cable xovers
30 x 12
40, 50 x 10

Fly machine
80,90,100,110 x 10

225 x 10 x 3

Tri ext (rope)
70, 80, 90 x 12


Still killing it, nice work Harry


killing it indeed


Strong benching Harry.


Yeah, must be nice to still be young.


4/12 = DL to 365 x 3 x 3, gave the Dimel DL a go with some light weigh, need practice
4/13 = 50m X 2 wu, 200m x 2, 500m x 1
4/14 = Power Clean (knees to clean) to 245 x 2 x 2, press from rack to 205 x 8
4/15 = Bench to 275 x 5 x 5, Went to a dinner theater with friends, had an excellent meal and saw the King an I. Great night.
4/16 = Went out and threw in the mud and still soaked ground. Discus would hit and slide hydroplane another 50’.


4/17 = morning swim, breast stroke. 50m x 2. 100m x 2, 200m x 1, freestyle x 200m x 1. Evening, instruction
4/18 = DL 405 x1,1,1
4/19 = Went out to the post today and hit a tent sale at the commissary. Beef ribs were going for $1.29 a pound. Called the brothers. Mistake. Ended up buying right at 200 pounds of which 40 pounds were mine. Gonna Bar-b-que some tomorrow and smoke some over at brothers house. Class 6 had a sale going on, too, so picked up “several” cases of Jack, Johnny Walker, and Wild Turkey for assorted family members. Got me a case of Jamesons to take the chill off. Finished the day and night off with a big too do coat and tie political dinner with the wife where I managed to not be too unpolitical according to the wife. As I’m typing this I see it’s already 4/20 so everyone behave.


You have a full life.


I ready a study somewhere of how your life span is shortened if you retire and just sit around. Determined that would never happen to me. Never been one to just sit around, until it was time to just sit around.


I’ve seen plenty of people who retire and sit around. A few years later they’re dead. Hopefully I can live your life style one day.


4/20 - Press from rack. Strict up to 225. With dip, 255.
4/21 - Eldest nephew bought a beautiful, old antebellum style home, circa 1880/90s, on 20 acres. House needs lots of work. Yard is very overgrown. Trees and saplings all over the place. Spend most the day on a backhoe and a bush hog pulling and cutting. Had my Mossberg 12 gauge pump with me and took out 3 rattlers. Paid in beer and bar-b-que after the work.
4/22 - Rain came in hard. Taught Arnis with the wife.
4/23 - Bench to 305 x 1. Felt easy. My goddaughter in the Philippines 3 birthday so skyped.


Didn’t you get bit by a rattle snake or cotton mouth years ago? You were going swimming or something and it bit you on the calf.


Coming from you Harry, I would’ve expected that you shot their heads off with a quick draw from your six gun, then bar-b-qued them for a mid-afternoon snack.


Envious of that full life…
Its well earned.


Tell your nephew good luck with that house. He’ll to find a good roofer, and to put screens in top of his chimneys. We found a rattlesnake in one of our upstairs bedroom fireplaces; it was probably after chimney sweeps.

Hopefully he’s young, energetic, and patient, and his spouse is the same. I recommend duct tape and chewing gum-- think emergency repair kit–for a housewarming present.

Just writing that makes me love my 23 month old house even more.


Cotton mouth got me when I was tearing down a pier. Laid me up for a few weeks.