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That's Just Harry


Love my Jameson’s. General drink the regular blended Irish but got a bottle of the 18 Year Old Limited Reserve. I take a wee sip of it every now and then.


It is.


Always like to unwind at the end of the day.


Power cleans 135wu, 185x6, 205x5, 225x3x3
Seated db Press 40wu, 50x8, 60 x 8 x 2
Angel Lat raises 30 x 12 x 3
Double cable pulldown to past hips 30 x 12 x 4
Straight bar curls 45wu, 65, 75 x 10, 85 x 8
Hammer Curls 40 x 10 x 12


A great drink and a solid workout.


Absolutely beautiful morning. 2000m swim. Longest I’ve swam for a while. Couple of great-nephews and a friend “followed” (fished) in their bass boat. For safeties sake and to make the wife feel better. No great speed but hit a really good rhythm around the 1200m point and could have gone farther at the end. Next swim will work on speed and then add some distance. Big, really gluttonous breakfast after the swim. Ham, steak, eggs, hash, grits, and toast. Rest of the day was taken up with mowing and yard work.


2000 meter swim deserves at least as much food as you put away.


Morning - 1 mile cross country run

Leg press - 180wu, 270,360, 410 x 10
DL - 135wu, 225,315 x 8, 375 x 6 x 3
Pullups - 8,8,7 Neutral grip - 6,6,6
Bent rows - 185 x 10 x 4
Seated rows - 130 x 10 x 4
stiff arm pulldowns (straight bar)- 70 x 10 x 4
shrugs - 225 x max (pause at top) x 4


135wu, 225 x 8 x 4 (very wide grip)
Incline bench (first time on an incline bench, non-smith, since shoulder replacement. Very tentative. Wow, no pain,) 45, 95wu,115, 135, 155 x 12 (Yes!)
pec dec thingy - 120 x 10 x 4
Cable xover, straight up and down, 40 x 12 x 4
cgb- 225 x 12 x 4
Overhead Tri ext, rope, 70, 80, 90 x 12


Good news on the no pain incline bench Harry. Time to build up dem der pecs.


Morning - Swim, 1000m, fast as I could, going to start clocking next week.
Evening - Shotokan instruction
Next week for two nights I’ll be first officiating a Shotokan kumite tournament and second a promotion exam. Black Belt level only so looking forward to it. Doctor emailed me and said it was time for my annual physical so to come in and get blood and urine work at least a week before. Taking the wife on errands tomorrow so won’t be able to fit a work out in till the evening. Good news is I get lunch at my favorite Korean restaurant (owned by a nephew and his wife). Bulgogi, Dolsot Bibimbap, and Kimchi to die for.


I just started doing these myself. I found them very awkward at first. The bar really wants to pull in the direction of the bench slope.


Since I’ve been doing them on the Smith machine I’m going to have to experiment. I tried a couple of different chest and hand spacing placements. Settled on coming down on the chest higher than I do on flat bench.


Did nothing yesterday. But, did earn major husband points. This morning, 2 mile run.


Last few days
Swim, 1.5 miles morning/instruct evening
run, uphill and xcountry 2 miles
Went and saw The Meg with the wife. Laughed through the whole movie. Think it was suppose to be scary.
Saturday night drove down to Birmingham for the SE Indoor Handball Championships. Brother right above me, 65, took the Master’s 60 - 70 division. A fanatic. He’s been playing as long as I can remember. Can put cigars out in his hands. Guess we all have our thing.


But did you enjoy it? I love Jason Statham and was into seeing this movie. To me it looked a bit like Tremors; a bit scary but also a bit funny. That’s a good mix for me.


I don’t think it was meant to be funny and definitely not up there with the first Tremors. I did enjoyed it, though. My only problem was they kind of ignore little things like water pressure, decompression, physics and how fast human’s can swim vs sea creatures. If you do go see it just a little trivia. The lead female character is played by Li Bing Bing, love her from lots of Chinese movies and a few US. She’s is 45 years old.


Yesterday, chest/tri
Today, what was suppose to be a quick cataract surgery for my next door neighbor turned into an all day affair. He’s years old and basically part of our family. Single for the last 50 years or so. So they take him in to prep for the surgery. About 20 minutes later call me up to a consultation room and tell me they’re worried about his heart rhythm and they want him to go to the emergency room. Told them this came up on his previous surgery and the heart specialist consultant said no problem. That weren’t good nuff for them. Make the story shorter, spend the next 6 hours at the ER while he was tested, poked and ekg’ed. Same heart specialist came and gave a letter saying basically “hey, he’s got a weird heart beat but it ain’t dangerous”. Re-scheduling his op for another day. Back at it tomorrow.


You’re really a good neighbor.


She is beautiful We watched the movie yesterday.

I enjoyed it. Sometimes it all about an active suspension of disbelief. There were a number of extremely lame lines but overall, it was an enjoyable escape.