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That Was Easy


Getting Nolvadex was very easy.
160 20mg tabs $114.00
I dont know what the going rate is but... I figured it would be more of a hassle to get.


What is it and how much of a cycle or supply is this?


This is a perscription estrogen blocker used for PCT. I have 3 bottles of Superdrol and I have recieved the advice that Nolvadex should be used for proper PCT while your natural Testosterone recovers to help maintain the gains that would be made on the Superdrol cycle. I have Just recieved my order of 2 Bottles of Carbolin 19,1 more bottle of Methoxy-7,another bottle of Alpha Male to help in my PCT. Plus I have 2 bottles of spike one container of Power Drive and Surge Plus my HOT-ROX wich I will be using with the Superdrol.

160 20mg tabs would last for several cycles or PCT.

I bought 160 baecause it was the best price and I have a buddy who is in PCT from a cycle of Methandrostenolone.