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That Time...A Training Log

Well, I think it’s time that I actually have a log on here to keep track of my training. I started lifting a little over two years ago. I was around 155lbs 5’9, and wrestled at 145lbs. For the first year or so I used way too much volume, with no variation, and not anywhere close to the amount of calories I needed. Well after a little over a year of training and eating right, I’m now at 5’9 200lbs, 20 years old. I’m a student, home for the summer, so this is where I can really make some gains.

Currently, I’m at around 15% bodyfat. I’ve been training with an Upper/lower split since I’ve been home, which is about a month. I’ve kept my calories at around 4000 on training days, and close to 3300 on off days. Here’s a look at how I’ve been breaking up my workouts:

Monday- Upper Body Horizontal Plane
Close grip bench 6x4
T-Bar row 6x4
Low incline DB press 3-4x6-8
DB row 3-4x8
Bicep and tricep isolation

Tuesday- Lower Body Quad dominant
Barbell back squat 6x4
Leg press 3-4x8
Leg extension 3-4x8
Seated calf raise 4-5x8

Thursday- Upper Body Vertical Plane
Wide grip dips 6x4
Pullups 6x4
DB Shoulder press 3-4x6-8
Sup. Pulldowns 3-4x6-8
Bicep and tricep isolation

Friday- Lower Body Hamstring Dominant
Conventional deadlift 6x4
DB Romanian deadlift 3-4x8
Leg curl 3-4x8
Standing calf raise 5x8-10

I try and do cardio a few times a week, but haven’t been as consistant with it as I would like. I didn’t get a chance to train today because I had some family stuff to do, but I’ll start tomorrow as I would Monday. My lifts have been increasing slowly, but surely, and I like the progress I’ve been making. Weight has stayed the same, but I look a bit leaner and definitely a bit wider, so no complaints thus far. I’m still debating whether to really up the cals or not. I’ll decide once I switch up my training and take it from there.

By the end of the summer I would like to be around 215-220. It’s going to be tough, but I don’t have a whole lot to do, and I think it’s possible.