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That Stronglift 5x5 Program Works!

I have been on strong lifts 5X5 for almost two months now. After bumbling around the gym the last couple years, I can honestly say I have gained more strenght in the last two months than the last two years. I allways worked my butt off, but I never charted or kept a log. I had allways been in martial arts, did some kickboxing and MMA up until last October.

The last time I fought MMA was a tourney and I had 6 bouts. After that weekend and a full week of limping and groaning around the house my wife said I should retire. So I did at 38 years old with a 4 and 2 record.

I have not maxed out since I was 22yrs. I am 5’9"@ 180 lbs. I maxed today on the bench and wanted 250 but put up 270. I tried 280 but my bad shoulder rolled wrong on the going down.

This 5X5 is the shit for me but I wonder how long it will last. The squats are getting tough (260lb 5x5), the deads are still going up (360X5), pullups chins and inverted rows feel great but I dont see much progress. The bench is what amazes me. I love beating the numbers on my log. I look at them like an opponent.

Anyone else like stronglifts 5X5?

I dont always use it but I like it a lot. Congrats on the PR! Deads and Squats look impressive as well.

Sounds good, 5x5 is a great rep set scheme.
I had good results with it too.
5x5 is solid are you doing power cleans 5x5 as well?

If you like 5x5 ,4x6 (sets x reps) is good too
and I really like 10x 3


I am not doing power cleans at this time. I attempted but felt like a horses ass only doing with 25lbs on each side. I need to regroup and stick them in my program.

By the way I did bench 315 when I was 21 years old. I have a 15 year old and I think he is kinda proud that I did 270 today. My goal is to beat 315. I want 290 by June. I dont lift much in summer when the kids are off of school. I hit it hard in Sept and Oct then its hunting until January. I really only maintain a schedule 8 months a year.

KMC the 4X6 sounds interesting and time saving. I have seen your stats and your F-in stong for your weight. How do you stay motivated to squat. I love squatting comfortable weight (185-225) but the heavier weights are just greuling for me. I have failed my last two attempts at 260 5X5. Allot of mental shit going on for me with squats and overhead press but I look forward to the bench and back work. Whats your thoughts???

I’ve been meaning to give the 5x5 a 4 week cycle. It looks like a good workout. You should post your workouts. Just want to see how you set it up.

Thanks Man…

That is some big benching .
260 5x5 is 25 hard reps nothing to complain about there.
I am at a gym with no squat rack, so any squats I do are tedious- do to lack of equipment.

But I do like to squat.

for OHP I have been avoiding it for a few months they bother my neck- so I do single arm db presses.

I like the 4x6 even though it is the same volume doing less sets seems to keep me fresh.
5x5 is great, and yes the shit but it does get hard to maintain that kind of volume.


My program is the exact program of the 5X5 strong lift program.

KMC I mislead you, the 260 5X5 is were I am at in squats.

My program;

5X5 squat
5X5 bench
3XF inverted row
3XF pushups
3XF reverse crunch

5X5 squat
5X5 overhead press
1X5 deadlift
3XF pullups/chins
3X30 sec prone bridges


I have a bad shoulder so I have been skipping (pussin out) the pushups. The overhead and the squat makes every part of my body shutter while doing them. I want to start doing powercleans somehow in this program.

When I do pushups my shoulders feel better if I keep my hands shoulder width apart and elbows close to my body. Thanks for posting the workout.

Any suggestions on what to replace in my program with powercleans? I did some yesterday and enjoyed them. I suck at them but I guess I have to start somewere!

cleans take a while to get good at.
watch some videos, my clean form has never been a thing of beauty.

In college it was better now not so much
Im pretty banged up too.

lots of people here have had some sucess with
ytwl shoulder protocol

I am no programming expert
but maybe high pulls or even a push press
could work for you.


[quote]IKIMURA wrote:
The overhead and the squat makes every part of my body shutter while doing them. [/quote]

Does it hurt, or is it just tough? I only hit the squat rack once a week. It takes me a while to recover.