That Special Someone

Hey how did everbody meet their significant other (T-Men and T-Women)? Where do you go and find that person? Just asking cause the bar scene seems to be getting lame. Just seeing how everybody else did it?

I’m currently single, but I can tell you that I’ve never had a long term relationship with anyone from any kind of “singles scene”. Long term sigs, for me anyway, are usually friends of friends.

On Sept 10, 1999 at about 2:40pm, I was sitting on an empty bus at school waiting to go & this girl who had J Lopez’s face on Liz Hurley’s body came in & sat down right next to me when she could have had any other seat on the bus. I told a guy at work & he fell on the floor laughing because I didn’t do anything, so I started waiting at the bus station every day just to see her. When I finally made myself talk to her she made up some shit about when her classes were or something so I figured she wasn’t into it anymore so I forgot about it. After xmas I started seeing her in the library but was too yella to go talk to her again because of what happened before. Ffwd to feb 2001. I saw one of her friends in the library & asked her where busgirl was & she (w/a big friendly smile like she was thinking ‘well it’s about time!’) said she’s around & she’d tell her I say hi, but still nothing’s happened yet.

I was going with this girl and her sister liked me - she broke up me and the sister nabbed me. Been married to her 23 years and yes I did get the better sister!

Still single … but I have had luck with onlien personals believe it or not. It’s like window shopping and you can feel the person out online, on the phone, etc., before you feel them up! ha ha … Katana, I had a 7-year relationship with the same circumstances. Went on one date with a girl, but fell in love with her sister. Ah, gotta love getting screwed over after 7 years. (No, I’m not bitter, of course not!)

My gf that I’ve been with for about 1 year and 5 months tomorrow actually came after me. Greatest thing that ever happened to me. She’s so perfect. Junior year(high school) she got my screen name for instant messanger from one of my friend’s and she im’d me and I just started talking to her and then somehow I brought up The Matrix and from there went on to watch it the next morning and we kissed halfway through the movie. Its been kinda rocky at times, and she’s going away to college on the 19th. :frowning: Oh well, fun times when I go to visit, I hope.

Met my honey in the gym. How cool is that?

Met mine at a bar/club, although not in the single-scene mould as such, because she was the friend of a friends and we were introduced.

I’m currently single but have a friend with benefits. And I met her just because I was chilling at the pool and decided to go up and talk to her and her friends. And now, one of my friends is dating one of her friends!

I just like to meet people when hanging out. I don’t even try to pick up at bars or clubs. The setting isn’t right. It would be nice to meet a hottie at the gym, but there are only a small handful of women that venture into my gym. I have also met many people through mutual friends. I have just moved into a new place and have a hella hot roommate. I’m hoping that I’ll end up meeting someone through her. John U is coming to visit this weekend, so he will be able to attest if my roommate is hot or not! :wink:

My and mine met when living in the dorms my freshman year of college.

I saw mine at a dance club. I had went to the club with some friends and in a drunken state saw my friend (she’s a chick) dancing with this “hot” girl. So I made my way into the crowd and danced with both of them. Afterwards I had asked my friend who was that girl and if she could hook me up. So my friend basically did all the legwork like calling her up and saying good things about me (otherwise known as telling subtitle lies). From there we met a couple of times, talked on the phone and BAM. We’ve been together for 5 years now but it only feels like 1. So what’s the moral of the story? Find some girls that are good friends of yours go with them to clubs and have them set you up. Let them do all the legwork. :wink:

I stole her from one of my fraternity brothers, and now i am marrying her.

I met my girlfriend online and we have been together for a year now. We live together and she is the perfect match for me.

I had an aquaintance I’d see for an evening or two through any given year. Went to visit him and he had met a wonderful woman.
He noted the 90# change my BB lifestyle had made and I agreed to show them what I was up to.
During the first week it was obvious he was drinking his scotch at night and beating the tar out of her, she was sleeping in her car!
I introduced her to my daughter so there would be no more of sleeping in her car.

A few weeks later she showed up at my door all beat up, I put her on the couch, fed her chocolate and let her get healed, helped her on job and aptartment hunt and remained a gentleman.

Due to the circumstances I never came on to her, and made sure I never touched her.
After a couple of months she came to me.
Sometimes a quiet steady T-man attitude is best.