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That Same Ol Girl Again

This is the last time im talking about this. I just thought i would let yall know what happened with that girl i sent the roses to. heres what she had to say…i dont know how to respond to your email…i feel like we have been through this so many times. it is hard for me to explain how i feel about you or what i want our relationship to be. you know that i love you so much and i care about you, but i dont know if i want to take that extra step and make something more out of our friendship. i wont lie, there are times when i think that maybe i do want more, but it’s hard for me to see us as anything more than friends…i just cant get past that…and even if that werent the case, i dont do well in long distance relationships…and in the end it wouldnt be fair for either one of us…i dont know if any of this is making sense to you, i dont even know if it is making sense to me…all i know is that right now i need you as my friend.
Oh well. back to the drawing board.

Get over it Goldberg! The real truth will come out the next time she sees you with a cute, sexy vixen on your arm. Or maybe you just need to grow some hair again! <:))

Dude, maybe she couldn’t get over the whole cheerleader thing. :wink: Anyway, don’t give up and go full blown queer on us yet laddy. There are so many hot women out there, and with summer on the way, get ready for the beach bc a smorgasbord of booty will soon be available.

You are not alone bra, all guys get that shit from some confused vixen…Vixen actually confuse me actually, i guess that is why they are from venus. I have a new attitude of late though and that is to basically just ask tons of girls out and see where it leads me…does a hunter kill every deer he shoots at?..No, but to get the good one, you got to unload that rifle…I asked a girl in the gym (she works desk) for her digits yesterday (we didn’t really know each other, but had said hi–she is pretty decent–not hot as hell–well, her jaw bout hit the floor like “a guy actually asked for my digits?”…it was funny…i’ll make her sweat it a bit (maybe) and call her thurs pm to see if she wants to hang. I will do this repeatedly until i can find a girl that can challenge me intellectually and bring something to my table…so, what am i saying?..Start firing away. There are few t-men and vixens with TRUE passions in life out there, and it is our job to go get em and bring em on board (not to this forum per se, but into our lives).

True dats! two tears in the bucket…fuck it!

hell yea there is going to be a summer dress parade soon… few more months… just few more months… better start ironing your T-mag tshirts now bros.

I hear you on that Freebie. Amen

It suprises me that a bright guy like yourself took so long to realize this.

Save yourself the head ache (and heart ache) and let it pass. “right now i need you as my friend” - if you ever hear anything like that from a girl be careful and keep some distance emotionally. It usually means something is not right (does she have a history of depression).
The other thing I don’t really understand is that she knows you want more from her and that she in a way is causing problems for you. What one would expect is that she would distance herself from you somewhat. But instead she wants you to be close to her… as a friend. Seems all screwed up. Don’t let your heart get caught in that.
Gratulations to vain68 - sees the problem, finds a solution and actually DOES IT. Life would be simpler if we would stick to that receipe more often.

I think I’ve said this before on this forum but when a girl says she “wants to be friends” it means she is not physically attracted to you, even if she might like your personality and enjoy your company. It’s also an easy way to “let a guy down” without totally dismissing him from your life. It sucks, yes, but that’s why they do it. To make the guilt they feel a little less harsh on themselves. If she was attracted to you and wanted a relationship, you would know it and so would she. But she isn’t. Life is like that sometimes. You can’t make someone love you and if they don’t feel the same way about you as you feel about them, then it isn’t going to happen for you.

I’m assuming that you both are pretty young and most young adults are not big into “working at a relationship”. They want it to happen now and to be perfect right away. It’s normal and that’s why most people end up having many different relationships before they find “the one”. It’s a good thing! So, now, go out and meet lots of other girls and don’t dwell on the one that isn’t interested in you. There is someone out there who is and the sooner you get out there, the sooner you will hook up with them.

Given the pictures of you that I have seen on the net that you put up in the post your pics post it should not be hard for you to find someone else given your ultra-massive huge/ripped-ness. That is when she gets jealous (just works like that). Then you have revenge.

I know, i know , i know. I would never have even thought about her this way if she hadnt made comments about how my last name sounded good with hers and how her step dad said i was his future son in law. and when she comes down she does act like she is interested in me. the way she touches me and she even kissed me one time. thats why things were so confusing. its like she acts one way and then says another way. her mom hinted one time that she had feelings for me that way, but that i just needed to give her time. but whatever. i aint wasting my time on her no mo. i already sent her roses that cost $50. thats half a bottle of Mag 10!

You stupid fuck! Never waste money on a girl that isn’t even your girl! Especially when she gives you the whole “friends” excuse! It’s okay bro. It happens to the best of us. You just have to live and learn.

I’m praying it works out for ya Man. I hope you fuck her up the ass so hard her tonsils pop out her eye sockets. Tee hee hee. Evil grin

Hooray for Boobies!!!

Please excuse my immaturity. :slight_smile:

I think I spelled that wrong…shit Tek is going to come after me now. :slight_smile:

Dudes, I don’t know about all of you, but I have never, ever gotten anywhere trying to start something with flowers. Not that flowers haven’t been very good after a few dates/hook-ups, but they’ve never been successful for starters. I have no idea why that is. Bottom line, save your money – or buy her a drink (cheaper and more effective). Anyway though Goldberg, as I said in my defense of cheerleading on a previous thread, I’m certain you have no lack of hotties in line at your door, so dive back in and forget this little girlie – and don’t even respond when she comes crawling back. Peace. Out.

Awwwww-Goldberg, I feel so bad for you. I truly think you need to really cut off all contact with this young lady until you get her out of your system. The more I read of your story the more I realize that you are most likely teenagers. Teenage girls are so fickle. She wants YOU to pine after her because it asserts her self-worth and self-exteem. There is nothing more exciting than being able to say “so-and’so has a thing for me–poor guy”. It’s kind of like a status thing. And you,of course, being interested in her, buy into this because you honestly believe that she might be interested. She wants to know that you are crazy about her–that’s all. It makes her feel important and wanted, even though she wants no action to come of it. Move on. Don’t return her calls. From what I understand from the other posts, you will have no trouble finding someone who cares for you. Good luck!

Dude sounds like she is a fucking head case.Dont play into those bullshit head games or your gonna get screwed over.Find a girl who knows what she wants and is straight with you not this wishy washy bullshit.Stay away from the girls that appear to need a head shrink.

GM, you are absolutly right, something somewhat similiar happened to me and i cut the bitch off, i feel much better not talking to her. Listen to GM, he’s the man!

Dude, the answer is simple. Chris Shugart wrote an article on T-Mag that explains it all. If you chase her, she’s not interested. If you play it cool, she’ll fall over herself to be with you.
Just act cool and disinterested… she’ll come around.