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That Radio T Clinic


Does anyone stick with that big radio advertising T Clinic. I am using one in Dallas because they were the only one that would really listen to my problem. T level was 390 at 40 and all the doctors said I was in range. They tested free T which was super low and got me on TRT. Going in for weekly injections though is killing me. It is just so hard to find a doctor willing to do TRT. Hate for my insurance to think I am doctor shopping.

This may be frowned upon but if anyone in Dallas wants to PM me a doctor recommendation I would truly appreciate it.


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Do not ever assume that a doctor of clinic knows what they are doing. Sadly, that is rare. You need to know more than they do, and that is not hard. You cannot be passive.

Note that T-clinics seem to be routinely Rx 200mg T per week. That really is not good, but they make money on the drugs. T-clinics often do not concern themselves with your overall health. They take a narrow view of things.