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That 'Oh Shit' Moment


I figured this was the best place to start this thread since it's really not a progress pic or B4 n' after thread. Most of us that have taken this path of training our asses off and living the way we do have all had that "Oh Shit" moment when we realized what we were turning into and how far we had let ourselves go, not just physically either. What was your "Oh shit" moment that finally kicked you in the ass and got you in gear?? If you have a pic, post it.

This was my "Oh shit" moment. When I saw this picture I couldn't believe it. This was 2005 and I have never been the same since.


Oh shit... I'm fat.

About 2.5 years ago at age 17, weighing 217 at 5'9".


Great progress. Hopefully others will use this as fuel.


"Holy shit!" is what comes to mind for me. Damn, you're a completely different dude!


Junior year of highschool (winter 2007)
5'11" 130lbs


OP.....your transformation is extremely impressive. Congrats on your results!! Your hard work is obvious, and definitely paid off.


Thank you very much.


My Oh Shit moment happened the moment i clicked on this thread.

Off for a run now then!