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That guy sure knows how to take pictures


Herve Lewis` work.


More please! :wink:




Nice bath tube. :slight_smile:


opps tub...her ass interfers wif mee speeelinguh.


Is that a nipple?


Good grief.




Another one. The rest can be seen at http://www.aubade.com/uk/html/lecons.html

Nevermind the french text. Its clever, but I wonder why they never cared to translate it, even on their trilingual website. But the contents worth it. Guaranteed.

(Don`t you love REAL lingerie companies with a budget?)

The guy`s website has similar pics, too. Man, I should send girlfriends to him for, hum, gifts (to her, but har har har to me too!) ;0)


Ah, dammit, another one ;0)

Apparently, the guy also sells a book...Man, I`d just take a poster eheheh


Last one, before the Admins accuse me of plugging a website too much ;0)

This one comes from as a freebie, the online calendar.


cough BUMP cough