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That Guy Is In the Rack Again: Emergency Workouts


I am sure there are a lot of committed D-bags out there, but that does not mean ALL committed lifters are. I see just as much equipment abuse from the average Joe who come in for the first few month of the year and quits. If you can enforce no dead-lifts in your gym you can enforce keeping the douches out.


lol. then you’re also eliminating most of the ‘committed guys’ by default. That’s actually exactly why I left the last commercial gym I trained at. I was as careful as I could be, and 100% respectful of the equipment, but the fact of the matter is, lifting heavier weights will be louder, even if you don’t drop the weight, and it will result in more damage to the equipment long term. That’s an unavoidable fact. Anyway, the gym manager told me no more deadlifting, so I terminated my membership that day.


Macdonald’s could also have a fine dining menu but nobody is upset about it not being there. I’m not sure why Planet Fitness causes so much grief for targeting a particular segment. Nobody cares that my strongman gym doesn’t have mirrors for bodybuilders to pose infront of or a fruit stand for the soccer moms.


I think it’s the part where they throw you out for doing your normal training. $10 a month and 24 hour access is appealing.

I have a co-worker who has his own power lifting gym. It started out as more of a co-op. He wanted his own place and he decided to share the cost by selling memberships and letting someone do personal training. The reason it’s successful is because he’s not counting on it for his main income. The overhead is high and he only has 40ish members.


Made me think of this old relic…