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That Cotton thing in your bottle of supplements

OK, I think what I’m about to ask has to go on record for being the stupidest question posted on this forum, but I’m dying to know. You know when you buy a bottle of supplements, and there’s the cotton thing in there that you have to take out? Well, is it necessary to keep it in there, or can I toss it out?

I heard somewhere that if you eat it it will boost your testosterone levels. If you smoke it tho it will damn near kill you. You see this scar points yep I tried to smoke it…

Toss it out. It’s only in there to prevent the pills from rattling around in the bottle during shipment. If you’re going to be travelling, it might not be a bad idea to stuff some in there to keep the pills from being damaged while the baggage handling apes throw your bags around. Otherwise it’s of no use.

I usually use it as an alcohol swab to clean the upper outside quadrant of my butt before I slam a dart into it.
I think it’s in there for shipping and I wouldn’t fret too much about tossing it.

Hm, not such a stupid question, really. I think manufacturers put “the cotton thing” in there to keep pills from bouncing around too much so you don’t end up with most of them being crushed or damaged.

i was wondering the same about the hard plastic cylinder that comes in the pill bottles. keep it in? or out?

The hard plastic thing contains silica gel. It is there to absorb any moisture. Personally I leave it in, but if you think you’re in danger of swallowing it then I don’t think it’ll do too much harm removing it provided you don’t store your supplements in a steam room or something.

Leave the plastic thing in there, it has stuff to absorb moisture and keep the pills from getting mushy.

Goog question. It’s there to “stuff” out air similar to why the silica is put in to minimize moisture.

Well I wasn’t really concerned with swallowing it, it just seems whenever I shake out some pills the cylinder comes out, then I have to put it back in. After a couple weeks it gets annoying. But I shall leave it in. Thanks.

I haven’t had to buy cotton balls in five years. And those plastic moisture things, save them and keep 'em in your gym shoes. Keeps 'em smelling April fresh.

If you save em and get some scrap string you can impress your GF by rolling her up some tampons.

Man, you guys crack me up! But thanks for telling me. I used to always worry that if I didn’t keep the cotton in, the supplements won’t be fresh anymore. Now I know better. Thanks.