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That Commercial about Steroids......

It came on ESPNU last weekend , and it has that douchebag in spandex putting 95 on the bar and talking about the dangers of roids, one issue he said steroids cause is memory loss, WTF? i so wanted to laugh but unfortunately my 9 year old nephew was with me and hes an athlete so i totally was like yeah listen to that guy, even thou he was clueless, but memory loss? that was a first one for me lol

I don’t remember it.

[quote]600lb Gorilla wrote:
I don’t remember it.[/quote]


i thought i heard em all but that was funny to me, you gotta see this loser thou if anything it would induce me to cycle just to avoid looking like him

haha that would be the perfect anti-roids commercial. have one a super skinny dude, another skinny fat dude, and maybe throw in a fat dude, all telling you to be more like them…