That Bulgarian Thing

That’s what my mom calls weightlifting – as in “Are you still doing that Bulgarian thing?” I think she must have visions of red-faced Eastern European strongmen dancing in her head.

Well, yes, I’m still doing that Bulgarian thing.

A quick recap: I’ve been training since November 2008, and after a long period of fixing form and restarting, I’m headed for my first meet on the 28th.

Current maxes: squat 175, bench 125, deadlift 235.
Bodyweight: 135-ish.
Age: 21

Short-term goals: total around 580 for the meet,
squat 200, bench 135, dl 265. (Not to tempt fate, but I should probably get there sometime in March.)

After that, I may jump on the 5/3/1 bandwagon. Long term I want to get as strong as I can without having to buy new clothes, so now and then I’ll get on a fat-loss kick but mostly I lift heavy stuff.

Thank you all for following along in my last journal and for all the good advice!

Link to old log:

Alisa, I LOVE the title! Moms are so funny sometimes…

I hear you on the not-buying of new clothes. Not gonna do it either.

Haha. I love generational gaps. Fun times.

Good to see you’re continuing on.

that’s awesome!!! i wanna be a Bulgarian thinger too :slight_smile:

LOL! LOVE the title!

You’re goals are awesome - can’t wait to follow along.

I’m really glad you’re taking the plunge and doing a meet. I hope you find it as addictive as I do. I think you’ll do well. You’ve done something that a lot of people won’t do and that’s swallow your pride and start over. In my opinion that shows a real strength of character that will serve you well. It’s easy to carry on when you are on-top and winning. However, the real winners are the ones who grind on when they aren’t feeling like a star. They’re usually the ones that finish at the top because they sucked it up.

Hope I didn’t sound too much like a mom. I can’t wait to see the results.

Thanks folks! Ouro, I would be very honored to have you as a lifting-mom.

I love the name the Bulgarians are amazing lifters

[quote]AlisaV wrote:
That’s what my mom calls weightlifting – as in “Are you still doing that Bulgarian thing?” I think she must have visions of red-faced Eastern European strongmen dancing in her head.[/quote]


Shit Jim, those guys are doing amazing things, at such relatively low body weight too. I’m astounded. Alisa, I think you have found a worthy title for your new thread. I’m excited to see how you do at your meet. Its only about two weeks out now…are you excited?

Good luck! The meets are such a rush.

damn I thought this thread was about Bulgarian olympic weightlifting.

5/3/1 is always good.

Oh yeah I’m excited.
Yesterday’s training:

squats 10@45, 5@95, 5@115, 5@135, 3@155, 3@165, 2@175 (rep PR), fail @185.
185 is so close! I get stuck halfway up and just sit there for a couple seconds but I feel like one more day and I’d be able to grind it out.

seated bb press: 10@45, 10@55, 8@65, 5@75, 3@85

bradford press: 8/8/5@55

upright rows: 3x10@55

RDL’s: 10/6/5@165

Yup, I recognize that stuck-but-almost situation. 185! Close! Yeah!

Keeping up with this log Alisa - best of luck!

Nice work on your pr yes your right that 185 is yours for the taking.

Here are a couple ways to beat what we call sticking points

speed kills so they say and they are so correct. The majority of big time lifters beat there sticking points by blasting right through them will speed. When you are warming up blast that bar up as hard as possible especally out of the hole. (I mean so hard like you are going to jump in the air). This will carry over to your max lift.

Squeeeeeze the bar. You are prob sick of hearing me say this but it works. If you follow me
around all day while I am coaching I saynthe same
things over and over again. People have very short term
memories and need to be reminded over and over again. Squeezing the bar will help you drive through that sickin point. Make sure you are squeezing the bar on your warm up sets even the bar. That way it
just happens on it’s own on main lift.

Get a good belt and
learn to use it. A good belt is worth a good 15-20 lbs on the squat for most females. Push out hard on that belt

Do a meet (it is amazing
what happens at meets for
some people). Make
sure u open with a retarded light weight to get into the meet then go for glory I think you will be amazed at what a meet will do for your numbers.

Silly iPhone lol

What I mean by retarded light (open with a weight you know you can get on your worst day for
all three lifts). Make sure you take the same
kinda jumps in weight you have been doing in the gym.

On your third you can take a bigger risk and go for a big pr

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

Powelifting meets are great


Thank you! I’ll try the squeezing. And yeah, I intend to be conservative with the openers.

Thought you needed a song:

haha, don’t as why…