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That Big Weak Guy


So I’ve been watching this guy at the gym and he’s big, obviously I don’t know exactly but he’s somewhere around 250lbs 10-15% bf very well built all round,he’s around 6ft 2. It’s possible he’s on juice as its clear he’s had some bad back acne in the past ,but this is just speculation he may well be natural , but the really interesting thing about this guy is he’s weak and I mean really weak, for example yesterday he was dumbbell bench pressing 14 kg for about 15 reps and in his 4 th and 5th set he was visibly struggling, another example I watched him do bent over rows with 30kg barbell and again struggling near the end, my question is how is he building muscle or at least maintaining it??? I’ve seen studies on using 30 percent one rep max and still being able to build size but this just seems crazy that he’s getting bigger, I know drugs could be a factor in this but surely no steroid is going to get these results with this training, anyone got any theories on how he’s having such success ?

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He’s probably a wizard!!


250lbs at 10-15% is IFBB pro size, so yeah, my money’s on wizard.


I had a feeling wizardry was involved , but seriously i mean i could be off on his bf by maybe 5 percent at most. But im watching him week in week out at the gym and its there right infront of me , wtf is going on ?


I suppose it;s possible he’s rehabbing after a lengthy lay perhaps


lay-off kjhkjkkjkjkjkjkjk


I though that initially, but its been months now surely the size would be dropping off


I say he’s a warlock. That’s only because I’m old school.


If you are so interested in this guy, why don’t you ask him? You might learn something.


I might just do that


Are you serious?

Dude, I really have a hard time believing he was struggling with 15-kg dumbbell presses for fifteen reps if he is 250 at 10-15% body fat at 6’2". Even if someone doesn’t have stellar relative strength at that size, they are going to put up some decent numbers just from the sheer amount of muscle mass.

Are you sure you got his weights and stats right? This seems physiologically impossible unless the guy is a total wimp. :slightly_smiling:


He might be recovering from an injury.That or wizard


If he is squeezing the living fuck out his peak contraction then I don’t care how strong you are, those 15 reps are going to be tough towards the end.


In all fairness he could maybe be ten pounds lighter at the absolute most. And he does seem to have exellent form in every rep but apart for this he’s lifting beginner weight


Also I spoke to him this morning at the gym briefly and he seems like a nice guy he didn’t say much about his training but he did joke about the light weight he was using in the cable row station , take from that what you will , I took it as he was aware that the weight he was using was light.


lol, we were all thinking it.

Thread has a certain odour of bullshit about it


It’s getting kind of funny.


That’s fine if your opinion is I’m for some unknown reason lying about what I’m seeing , I asked at the start of this if anyone had any theories on how he’s achieving such great results, some people have put forward what they think ,I have no idea ,that’s why is asked, for what reason would I lie?


I already told you he’s a warlock. LOL @ all the noobs calling him a wizard. If you don’t believe me, give him a vial containing the boiled fat of a virgin and watch him fly.


Lol well I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know there was a difference .