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That Anxiety


Do many of us lift because we have that anxiety we simply can't curb? Since the day I began I can't stop. It gets me through the day. I don't think I chase some aesthetic or strength goal. Its a solid bonus, but the control is what I need. Getting "out of your mind" just to come back is anarchy in my head, it never helped.

I need to lift.







Okay, maybe just a bit.


Not too sure what you mean about this anxiety. I like lifting because after every session I feel like I'm doing better than before (as we all like to feel) so it's a constant escalation of improving something. As people we have a natural tendency to want more and more, so why not be it muscle mass/strength?


This sounds like some sort of poetry.


Ghey Poetry at its best.


This sounds like he needs a psychiatrist.


OP dont start beating off, you could start a fire.




I don't know about "anxiety" per se, but I do enjoy lifting and in the morning to kick the day off.

Henry Rollins has a pretty cool little speech about lifting that's been kicked around for awhile and might be what you are trying to say?

Here it is with some music overlayed can probably search for the words alone if you want:


Odd that Henry's words are NOT accompanied by his own kick-ass music... nstead of some shitty whatever-the-fuck band that is.


Whoa! Such things exist? :wink:


Haha, oh the interwebz.

TV Party tonight, allright!!!


My anxiety is just in general and lifting helps. Yours might be about to the need to improve yourself. Its how its perceived, but I think people overlook that it drives the things they do.


If you are re-naming "the fire down below" to anxiety, please stop.


Why is yours down there lol


The answer is in a song.


In a sense, yes.

Though, I tend to think of it as being that little bit surplus energy rattling around inside of me as opposed to 'anxiety'.

I also, sometimes reflect that, if around the age of 16/17 I hadn't started to do dumbell curls & presses etc with my Dad's mega over-sized vinyl weights I'd probably be much more prone to being agressive & unreasonable etc.

It is pretty hard to imagine life without the awesome buzz & catharsis of lifting weights. Makes me feel bad for people that just sit & stuff their face with junk & booze it up most nights...<<


Yes, it is most certainly stress relief. Everyone deals with it differently but we lift.