Is it better to eat less and deplete the body from working out before attempting to eat the house down during thanksgiving, OR Eat normal meals and then eat thanks giving. In order to minimize fat gain. I plan on eating more than I have ever dreamed of, whole cheesecakes, deep fried turkey, fudge pb cookie dough pie, You get the picture, I CANT WAIT TO EAT!!!

It probably depends whether you’re focusing on putting on muscle or losing fat. I’m planning to do the One Day Arm Cure on Wednesday and then stuff my face on Thanksgiving. IMO high volume is the way to go before pigging out.

Guide to the Really Huge Belly on Thanksgiving
Turkey deep fried in peanut oil
Frozen Oreo Fudege Peanut Butter Cookie Dough pie
on the side note to getting fatter, does everyone agree that Emeril Lagasse and Charles Poliquin look alike

I would suggest that you give yourself a break and eat whatever the fuck you want to. One day of eating isn’t going to make you fat. Sometimes you have to give the bodybuilder thing a rest and just fuckin’ live!