Thanksgiving = Overtraining

whose gonna over train the next few days and replenish the abundance of food and leftovers?

I’m eating banana pudding during training tommorrow and while I shop on black deiday

Would sound cool but I am a god and do not overtrain so thats out for me

I’ll definitely take advantage of it Friday and hit some sexy PRs.

Gonna spend a few hours under the squat rack soon as I wake up,… then destroy anything edible that’s in my path.


Gonna hit the sled bright and early and then some OHP after I stuff my face with large amounts of food.

I started my overtraining early with some crazy sara deene buttertastrophy ooeygooey somethings.

Or did you mean @ the gym?

lol @ hallowed. good one.

let’s see here. tomorrow I will be doing:

Military press 3 x 6
Bench press 3 x 6
Military press again, 4 x 3; then a 10 minute giant cluster of as many singles as I can do w/ the same weight
Seated DB neutral grip press 3 x 6
Leaning away lateral raise 3 x 6
Deadstart front raise 3 x 6
Core/lower back 3 x 10-15
Upright sled walks - many sets for 30 yards

I’m just lifting and eating

[quote]spar4tee wrote:
I’m just lifting and eating[/quote]
and watching football ofc…

Tomorrow is a no lift day but I’ve got some LISS and conditioning in front of me… will be using the leftovers to facilitate my 5/3/1 week friday and saturday though.

So is ok that i had a quart of ice cream the night before and then a whole cheesecake is on the menu sometime tomorrow.

But yes i will be hitting shoulders tomorrow and then domolishing more food and really what ever food happens to be in reach.

I’m hitting the weights tomorrow morning at the hospital cause my Golds is closed and then hitting the turkey. I’ll get a nap in too. Hopefully the napping and nutrition will keep the mythical overtraining at bay.

celeberating end of base mesocycle of smolov with 4 day thanksgiving feast

Wrapping up today’s overtraining with some pumpkin ice cream…

gym is closed.

Will WRECK some shit tomorrow.