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Thanksgiving Goal


I was going to keep my log in the training log section but, figured I would keep it here since I plan on utilizing CT's new training methods for my version of 30 days from Dud to Stud

Some information, I have been lurking on here for a few years and have applied CT's training principles/ideas to go from 135lbs to 177-180lbs at about 5'10, after having been an overweight teen.

Though I know it is not possible to add a lot of muscle while losing bodyfat, based on my reading of his ideas it seems one can add some muscle/bring up lagging parts while losing fat if they train properly and have proper peri-workout nutrition.

My goal/plan is to:

A)Diet for 5 weeks (35 days) and reach goal by Thanksgiving go from:
177-180lbs to as lean as I can get, if I add a bit of mass, great.
2 weeks on Pushing (upper body performance)
2 weeks on Pulling (Foundation)
1 weeks on legs (After focus on fullbody training my legs have moved ahead of upper body).

SAMPLE WEEK: Upper Body Performance Specialization
Mon:Upper Body
Tues:Upper Body
Wed:Upper Body
Thur:Neural Charge
Sun:Neural Charge or Rest

Diet wise I will keep my protein at about 1.5-2.0 Grams, Carbs only aroung training 30-60 Grams the rest of the day green veggies and fat about equal or a bit less then protein

Perhaps you all more familiar with dieting can help me out here.

How does the sample week look? Should I perform 2 workouts a day Mon-Wed and should I use different approaches on each day (Heavy, isolation, heavy+circuits)?? Since I am dieting I am not sure how to properly execute it these new methods , do not want to over do it.

Perhaps cardio in the AM training in the PM? Or no cardio two lifting sessions a day?

I will be posting before, present, and after photos.

I plan on starting tomorrow so, would like to get everything set up today. Any help is appreciated.


what is your percent body fat? im asking because 30-60 carbs is pretty low when you are going for a specialization when dieting. if you are low enough body fat, i would diet down using no carbs except for peri-workout and green veggies. during peri workout i would take in about 100 grams of carbs, but thats just my opinion. if you were able to implement something like the MAG-10 pulse fast twice a week (im doing it, and its amazing) then you could actually do something that CT advocated in the livespill which is what i am doing now:

tuesday-maintenance cals + moderate carbs
wednesday-cal defecit + low carbs
friday- maintence cals+ moderate carbs
saturday-cal defecit +low carbs
sunday- cheat day OR maintenance + mod carbs

Ct said mod carbs is around 50 grams at breakfast + 100-125 periworkout. i have been doing this and i already have seen a HUGE difference in body compisition (fat loss perspective) and my strength is STILL going up. I hope to follow this plan and do two fasts a week as long as i can afford it (ill be dead broke by the end haha). i just really want to make the point that because i used to be a fat kid i can sometimes be terrified by carbs. but fairly recently i have really come to realize how much HELP they can be while dieting when used properly.


Thanks for the response, I do not know what myBF is but, It is low enought that I can see my top abs, and some separation in my quads.

I would love to try the fast but, at the moment I can not afford it.

Do you have any recommendations training wise? Earlier today I did upper body performance, since this is a fatloss diet should I train again in the evening? This is something I have not decided since the training methods have not really been discussed in regard to dieting.