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Thanksgiving Eve


Yea, it's rookie night, but there are shitloads of dumb drunk drunk broads out tonight.

Anyone got good plans?


Not tonight. Son's home from college (as of last night) and now out with friends.
I'm waiting for him to come home.
It's a dad thing.



Yeah, it's leg night.


went out to dinner with the little man. it's amateur night. best to stay home...


I just took a shit in the middle of my grannys living room and am planning on telling her she did it

She's old and will most likely think it is actually hers...she will be embarrassed as she cleans it up

At the table tommorrow I will bring it up and suggest a nursing home

Its all a plan for ownership of her house...its frickin huge


just cracked the first beer of the night at home, its gonna get weird.


I hear that!