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Thanksgiving: Epic Day Of Gluttony


I hope some people are like me today on Thanksgiving, and are going to try to get as bloated as possible today. This thread's purpose is to keep track of all the food I will be eating over the course of the day, and have a pre food weigh in and a post food weign in.

I'm starting at 220lbs, I hope to hit 230-235lbs at the end of the day. Who's with me?


That sounds uncomfortable and unenjoyable, but to each his own.


My eating today: everything.


Fucking SUCKS to be on a diet today.

Glad I ain't!

OM NOM fucking NOM!


food log for today: logs of food


It's how you get on the road to the JACKED

made it to 230lbs


Bloatathon log from elitefts: http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/training-logs.asp?qid=132914&tid=

I woke up an already bloated 210. Currently sitting at 218 with a few more hours left til bed.


I was 143 this morning, I'm now 149.

I suck :frowning:


It's crazy that some of y'all can gain +/- 10lbs in a day. No matter what I do I can't gain more than 3 or 4, and it's gone as soon as I wake up the next day and take a piss.


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Keep working at it, you'll get to 153 in no time :wink:


Eat till you literally can't, wait an hour and go after it again. That and drinking a lot of heavy liquids helps.


I moar or less had the same dish but 3 plates worth, and add in 1/4 of apple pie


Trust me man, I've tried it all. Maybe I'll try harder next time.


If when you were done your stomach was not moving on it's own and you did not feel like crying from the stomach pains you did it wrong.


I ate three times what I intended to eat.

Make that four times. Yeah I ate four times what I intended to eat. It was supposed to be "free meal" not "free four meals"

I however am not stepping on a scale for two weeks so whatever damage was done won't creep into my mind.



Anyway a couple of former training partners are doing it too.



It's ok



thats ridiculously sweet


I only gained 7 pounds...ehhhh