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Thanksgiving Diet Log


Hey all. I was just curious; wondering what all of you ate for thanksgiving. Everyone type in what they ate.Lol.


Not enough...


Not enough room on the forum


Turkey ham mashed potatoes gravy french silk deep fried cauliflower beer vodka soda gum toothpaste mouthwash water cheese butter rice broccoli salt pepper whipped cream stove top stuffing bread onion celery that's about all I recall. Don't beat yourself up over one day of cheatin'. ;]


Lol. Not enough room? You slob! Haha! Lmao.I was quite a slob on thanksgiving too.I made this really yummy punkin pie with whole wheat flour crust. It felt good to cheat a bit.It kinda keeps me on track.No I'm starting right back on track. It was just refresing. I believe if you eat clean/good 90 % of the time,you can cheat 10 % of the time,although It's been over 3 months since I ate anything like pie.


Nice thrasher. I had some jack daniels myself.A little too much,but oh well. I'm not fat or anyting,so one day won't kill me.


in addition to all the usual fare, this year's highlights were some excellent shrimp cocktail before the meal and a slice of pecan pie and coconut cream pie following the afternoon feast. about an hour before i hit the hay, i had a nice slice of homemade sweet potato pie.

i am thankful for my many blessings.


Wow. That sounds so good! I love pecan pie.I made two of them,and two pumkin pies.Good stuff.


Everything not nailed down x 3. Dinner at mom's on Thursday,Left overs at Dad's on Friday,More leftovers at home on Saturday. Throw in a going away party for my little bro(Semper Fi!) and I feel like a fat bastard.



The actual Thanksgiving meal was:

Shrimp Cocktail
Fresh Mozz and Tomato
Sweet Potato
Mashed Potato
Assorted Vegetables

I was a hell of a meal


turkey jerkey...prepared exclusively by renowned Chef Mother-in-Law...She dried out the fucking dark meat, man!


Thats alright man.let out the inner fat kid inside of you! Hahaha!!!


Sounds nice gotta. Lets see. My thanksgiving dinner consisted of: Turkey,stuffing,mash,homemade pumkin and pecan pie with whole wheat flour crust,jack daniels,lol.I'd say it was 80% CLEAN.Haha!