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Thanksgiving Day Training


Not sure how many will see this before they start the gluttony for the day.

But I do like to train on Thanksgiving to “minimize” the damage. No, you’re probably not going to get fat from one day (well, I can…you guys have no idea how I can eat).

But here’s what I like to do.

Fasted cardio (will hit this in about an hour from now).

Smash a Metabolic Drive. Then head to the gym about an hour later.

Leg Curls
Leg Press
Chest Press Machine
Side Laterals
Bent Laterals

Whole body, high reps on every set. Totally trying to empty out as much glycogen as possible. I tend to do 4-5 sets on each movement but the last set (which is usually 15-20 reps) is pretty high effort.

Don’t rest very long between sets. Then pig out and enjoy.

Tonight I will do another 20-30 minutes of cardio because I find that just moving tends to make me feel better.

I will repeat this whole thing tomorrow (without the feast) while everyone is out smashing each other’s faces for a TV that was gonna be on sale anyway, except for the fact that I do a 16:8 fast.

Cardio a.m.

Lifting - 2 PM (break the fast)

Cardio p.m.

If you don’t wanna sweat it, that’s ok. Not pushing anything on anyone. For those that hate the bloat that comes on with the big eating (I’ve gotten to where I can’t stand it), and hate the pounds that get packed on, this is a pretty solid way to sort of “out train” that.

Either way, enjoy yourself and happy thanksgiving everyone!


Oooohhhh this looks simple and nice! I’m slowly still coming out of a cut, and I’d like the extra volume and calories. Thanks Coach!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Coach, we don’t have Thanksgiving in Italy but with this thread you probably just answered the question I was going to ask you when Christmas holidays came anyway haha

Did something similar to this the day I pigged out immensely after finishing the 8 week cut.