Thanksgiving Chow-Down!

I was thinking about all of the tasty, tempting, desserts that will be on the Thanksgiving table. My favorite has to be chocolate cream pie. I’m really don’t want to down all of that sugar, so I had this idea. Why couldn’t I make a protien pie to bring to the table? My MRP of choice is Met-RX, and I know that it can be whipped in to pudding. Does anyone have the recipe to make Met-RX pudding? Anyone have any ideas for a semi-healthy crust? Top it off with some Fat Free Cool Whip, and that should be a great alternative the the original!

I posted a message a few days ago about dieting or doing extra cardio before Thanksgiving, and everyone that responded gave me a good kick in the ass and made me realize that it’s just one day. So don’t worry too much about the pie being healthy, just enjoy it!

It isn't a bad idea though, you could probably mix up some sugar free Jell-O and AP, I bet it would be good.

live a little. one slice, or one whole pie for that matter, is not going to ruin your bodybuilding future.

One way to make a MRP pudding is first add some sugerfree pudding in with it and add less water then normal. This will thicken it up. As far as the crust, I would like to know because this sounds like a great idea for a dessert. Hope somebody responds on the crust. I do think you can get fat free crusts though. P.S. Metallica rocks.

You can get low-fat graham cracker crusts at your local grocery store. No need to go fat-free on everything. It’s Thanksgiving: just eat the pie.

One of the easiest ways to turn almost all MRP’s into pudding is to just use half the amount of liquid which usually comes to 8oz’s, stir it up and chill it. Also if I remember correctly the other way which unfortunatly adds carbs is to use the full 16oz’s of fluid and add one pack of sugar free instant pudding. Hope this helps.