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Thanksgiving CHEAT Dessert


So I will be allowing myself ONE cheat dessert to have on Thanksgiving day.

I know thanksgiving is a ways away, but I have started my prep for the NPC Excalibur about 10 days ago and as I eat my tilapia/rice I am salivating of what dessert I'll cheat with.

Granted most people will cheat this full day, well I can't afford it as I will be about 2 weeks out by then :s

So by judging what is at your Thanksgiving feasts...

What cheat dessert do you suggest? lol

I'm bored at work if anybody wants to know :stuck_out_tongue:



Gotta go for the classic thanksgiving trio:

1) Pumpkin Pie
2) Pecan Pie
3) Apple Pie

With plenty of vanilla ice cream on the side...


I just saw a recipie for sweet potato pie (some people might not consider it a cheat) and I think I will have my mom make it (or maybe I'll attempt to bake it), other than that pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, and peacan pie are always good too.


Just recently had Thanksgiving in Canada so the deserts are fresh in my mind. I would suggest pumpkin pie or a piece of cheese cake.


Pumpkin pie and apple pie are tied as my personal favorites, but you can actually make healthy, protein-packed facsimiles of pumpkin pie, like the crustless recipe with cottage cheese that's been posted before. I don't think you can say the same for apple pie. Throw a scoop of vanilla ice cream on that bad boy and you have heaven on a plate.


I'd go for pizza and ben n jerry's it's not classic thanksgiving, but it's what I would do


Is the turkey considered a cheat?

Dude eat the whole turkey.


Yeah, if I were you, I'd make some high protein pumpkin pie. If you made it with a crust, make it low sugar and you could even add some low cal whipped cream.

If you manage to make it healthy enough, you could just eat the whole pie for yourself throughout the week!

Good luck with the comp.


HAHA I probably could eat the whole turkey.

Well I will be feasting but taking it easy on the potatoes, etc.

I will save room for one dessert. But all of the other meals I will take part in and probably just not GORGE myself like I usually do :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a KILLER workout planned with my best friend and younger brother at home on thanksgiving day so I can afford to eat.

We do strongman type stuff at the crack of dawn by this steep ass hill that overlooks the city. Its out in the country and pretty nice at that hour. Makes you feel hardcore with the chain drags and tire flips and stuff. lol Last year we did walking lunges alternating the weight from one another for about 1/4-1/2 a mile uphill! lol Its a workout I look forward to annually :stuck_out_tongue:

So I'm thinking my Aunts homemade cheesecake with cherry topping...mmmmmm...mmmm.... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jehova: Yours is what I eat the night after my show. lol



yea I thought of something like this and with the pumpkin thread out I just might. lol

Thanks for the luck, I'm gunning for a win in my class and division. Also competing in the open division for my first time too.



Fruits with whipped cream made from unpasteurized, unhomogenized heavy cream...


My daughter made a pumpkin pie with Splenda instead of sugar. Tasted great, and I could not tell the difference between it and the normal pumpkin pie.


I'll be cheating from the time I wake up to till time I pass out from a Turkey/Pumpkin Pie induced coma.


That sounds awesome! It makes me want to get my brother lifting. I already have him doing little rows and whatnot, but I'm waiting 'till he's older to start seriously.

I'm guessing you do a split, right? How's that gonna work after your full-body strongman workout?


Google Homemade protein bars. They have many interesting recipes and I recal seeing one 'Pumpikin pie' flavored along the lines somewhere. I make myself a choclate batch occasionally when I feel like 'cheating' if you really want to call it that.


Hey DG, if you don't mind me asking: are you natural? Awesome Physique either way.


Artem: Yes I usually do a split, but I am taking the day off before to travel home and taking the day off after to travel back down to my apt here. It's about a 4 hour drive or so back home to my parents house.

Drizzt: thanks I'll look into it...for non-thanksgiving cheats. lol

Strength4life: In my avatar I am natural. I just started my first unnatural stuff a few weeks ago. I cannot wait until my next show competing with an even playing field. Before I was at a slight disadvantage being natty in an untested show. :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually I don't believe in 'scheduled' cheat meals, but thanksgiving for me is another story :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Mash all that shit together into a pudding then laugh at everyone else's inadequate desserts.


haha just a thought, I made some for my family over the christmas holidays last year, and they loved. Hmm if one is creative, one could even put the melted mix in a pie crust.


I'd go with lots of sweet potatoes, and then demolish a humongous piece of pumpkin pie.

No whip cream or ice cream though, it ruins the pie IMO.