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Thanksgiving 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

here’s a VERY abbreviated list of what I’m thankful for this year.

  1. Life's (almost) back to normal- After nearly two years of pandemic living, things are finally getting pretty close to normal. Returning to in person classes, going back to the gym and meeting friends has been much better than I could ever have imagined. Enough said
  2. My new sisters- There were two "college" things I thought I'd never do: party and join a sorority. Partying hasn't ( and probably won't) happen. Well, I have joined a sorority. A girl in my econ class reached out to me last semester about joining. I figure I'd go along with it: get accepted and I get new female friends, don't get in and I lose nothing. The house is also literally across the street from the university centre. I instantly clicked with them. Turns out a CMU sorority is not the typical sorority- no crazy rituals, no cattiness, very chill. It's so nice to have other girls to talk to and cook with!
  3. Discord- I've always been somewhat of a hermit and stayed off social media. Over the pandemic, I rediscovered the class Discord I joined. Best decision ever. They're supportive beyond belief. When I was depressed and wanted to move out, one friend actually offered to let me stay- free of charge- at her place even though we'd never met in person. I ended up staying for a quick visit and had a REALLY great time. She (and the others there) were beyond welcoming. I've also had watch parties, shared recipes and lots of joking around ;) I also branched out and joined.... a physics server.... They were extremely helpful with my maths questions and I'm now part of a little maths group that honestly is more life advice/support group than maths at this point.
  4. My Professors- I talk about my professors every year; they deserve it 10000%. First shoutout goes to my emerging markets prof, who coincidentally is also the sponsor of the Econ research club. I'm not the most interested in macro, but every class, I walk out more energized and excited than when I walk in. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious. He also goes above and beyond for us students. One time, I told him that I was struggling on an assignment. He simplified the assignment and sent me a personal message about it. Second shoutout goes to my game theory professor. It's been very challenging for me, but he's been extremely supportive every step of the way. He has been more than patient with me-explaining concepts after class, sharing papers and even sending me encouraging notes.
  5. Econ Research Club- Freshman year, I stumbled into a room with a bunch of guys debating treasury rates. Since that first meeting, I haven't missed a single meeting. I've been joking for a long time that this is my social life. Before discord and the sorority, this was less of a joke than I'd like to admit. ERC meetings were often the highlight of my week during the remote semester. No matter how bad I felt, I knew things would be great as soon as I joined the meeting. This semester, I'm the secretary. Being in an exec position feels completely different and honestly empowering.
  6. Family... of course- Family is everything. Mum and dad continue to support me every step of the way. These past two years have been more difficult than we could have imagined. Somehow they've always managed to make it seem like everything is alright. They give me much more than they're obligated to, not just materially (this one's obvious), but emotionally. This includes knowing when I need my space. I cannot appreciate them enough for that.
  7. The basics- Food, shelter, education... The brunt of the pandemic might be over, but I'm more grateful for having the basics than ever. I've been getting really anxious about inflation, but my parents always reassure me that we have nothing to worry about. Most people cannot say the same. Everyone is also alive, well and kicking. There's been a general increase in violent crime, especially against Asians. Thank (insert deity of choice) we've stayed safe .
  8. Some little things- My TAs; I get three day weekends next semester too; streaming services and podcasts; chicken... eggs.... more chicken; budget grocery; delivery services

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for??

  1. Student Organization I’m thankful for the student organization I am president of. Through this organization I have met great like minded individuals. I have also met some of my current mentors through this organization. Also I am confident I will have a job straight out of college.

  2. T-Nation Forums I don’t know what I would have done if I did not join these forums my sophomore year of high school. Because of this forms I have gained a better mindset with training as well as guidance on different programs out there. Seriously though if you’re one of the people on here who give out free advice, give yourself a huge pat on the back.

  3. Family Lol do I really need to say much, I’ll love them to the end (My Dad, Mother, Older Brother, and my Older Sister)

  4. Friends Made some new friends in college and still have friends from high school. I am thankful for these friends because they are not fake.

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Oh yeah!! I forgot to mention this.

The original post was something I wrote for my blog and my parents don’t really approve of lifting

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Why don’t they like lifting? It’s exercise

Long story. Don’t want to derail thread

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Okay, so thanksgiving was way more eventful and better than I’d planned

  1. I watched a movie with a friend. He is such a good human. The movie was pretty bad but we laughed the entire time and since it was dark, he offered to walk me home. Note: I am very certain he does not like me because he is aromantic and asexual

  2. Two of my sorority sisters roasted a duck. I helped a bit and one of them asked if I wanted any. I thought she disliked me. Either she’s put on a VERY convincing face or i misjudge her. Anyways, she’s a cool person regardless

A bunch of discord ppl are gathering on Sunday. I can’t go, but I’m making pot roast for their potluck

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happy thanksgiving everybody