i just wanted to say thanks to all the bros that offered advice and assistance in my time of need. you guys kick ass! i owe everyone big time. a special thanks goes to warhorse, merlin, 3xkrazy, squatty, p-22, and especialy drago1. you guys really came through for me.

this board is truly a special place. we all look out for one another and help out when needed. keep up the good work and GFH!!!

ahhh ain’t that the cutest thing

I share the same sentiments P-Dog, so I know it’s not just the Clomid talking - LOL!

I second what warhorse said. P-22 - always there for ya buddy!

no problem p-dog. are world is pretty small really. i mean think about it. how many people can we really reach out to in our time of crisis. and of those people, how many can really help with these issues. for me i can think of maybe one or two of my training bro’s. and my doc. thats it. most of my loved ones dont even know about my use. the ones that do wouldnt have a clue how to help me. its good to have a group of people that you can trust. like some of the bro’s here on t-mag. i am glad i could help when you needed it bro. one day i may need someone to help me. individually we are relatively weak. but, together we have tremendous resources.

you ever need anything, just let me know!

Nothing like being supported by a bunch of stand up bro’s. I lurk more then I post, and I am constantly amazed by the insight and advice that is given to all.