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Got to say a big thanks to Beni at Westside Uk.He has just sorted out my box squat form and ironed out my techniques.Great workout and a top bloke. All my past experiences have been learned by theory only.now Beni has sorted out my form i expect to go much further. Thanks again .

wow nobby stiles box squats!

Hey Nobby, another brit converted to the westside style by Ben and his expert coaching. the monolift makes it much easier to focus on the squat doesn’t it and i can’t wait to try it again soon.

best of luck STU

Glad you enjoyed it,if you have any questions or want to visit again just let me know, you will always be welcome.

Doc,he did not use the Monolift as we were working on technique,however it shall await your arrival in Dec.

Oh and ps the floor wants to know if you intend visiting it again! :slight_smile:

I too have crossed over to the Westside as a result of visiting Beni’s gym…

He’s cured me of my bodybuilding ills…

Going to visit in December and I think I might be wearing a pink t-shirt…


the only time i’l be visiting the floor is when the blood drippping from my nose causes me to pass out after deadlifting 220kg, been stuck at 180 for too long and now is the time!

but i do wanna get back on the safety bar to relive old memories!

and yeah, i cant wait to gt onto the ghr i’ve been working really hard and wanna see if i can do any yet!